15-Year-Old Lucy Thomas Goes PR 1:01.0 100 Breast in Brown Deer


  • August 21-23, 2020
  • Brown Deer, WI
  • Short course yards (SCY)
  • Meet Mobile results: ‘Ozaukee Aquatics IMX/IMR Challenge’

After just two weeks ago becoming the #3 100 breaststroke performer in 13-14 history, Elmbrook Swim Club’s Lucy Thomas whittled down her lifetime best in the short course yards version of that event today in Brown Deer, Wis.

Thomas, who recently aged up into the 15-16 age group, won the 100 breast today in a 1:01.07, a two-tenths drop from her previous best. Though it’s her first month in the age group, she now sits at #54 in 15-16 history.

15-year-old Tori Brostowitz of Schroeder YMCA was second in 1:02.07, a six-tenths drop, while her teammate Sophia Remington (1:04.55) dropped half a second and Elmbrook Swim Club’s Campbell Stoll (1:04.94) annihilated her old best of 1:09.98.

Stoll, 15, went on to take the 200 IM in 2:01.60, a drop of just over one second. Brostowitz again finished second, going 2:03.18 for a three-second drop.

On the boys’ side, Mid Wisconsin Wave Makers’ Sam Bork, 16, won both the 100 breast (57.06) and 200 IM (1:52.82). He sliced two-tenths from his old best in the 100 breast and was about a second off of his best in the IM.

12-year-old John Paul Brostowitz of Schroeder took both events in the 12 & under category. He was 31.30 in the 50 breast and then 59.41 in the 100 IM, winning the latter by six seconds.


  • Sydney Stoll of Elmbrook Swim Club, the older sister of Campbell, posted a 2:04.27 to take third in the 200 and drop 1.7 seconds from her old best. Stoll recently verbally committed to Illinois’s class of 2025.
  • Elmbrook’s Reilly Tiltmann was fourth in the 200 IM at 2:04.68 and her teammate Maggie Wanezek was fifth in 2:05.09; Tiltmann dropped seven seconds from her old best and Wanezek dropped three.
  • 13-year-old Alana Berlin of Schroeder hit another best time after going three-for-three yesterday; she posted a 2:09.12 in the 200 IM, a drop of just over a second and her first outing under 2:10.
  • Tiltmann was 1:09.70 in the 100 breast, a drop of over six seconds.

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5 months ago

Congratulations to Ms. Thomas! I know why she did so well…because Brown Deer is the site of Mary T. Meagher, Madame Butterfly, unbelievable world records in the 100 and 200 fly back in ‘81. Still two of the most incredible athletic achievements in the history of organized sport. There’s something in the water at Brown Deer, obviously.

Reply to  Mikeh
4 months ago

Speaking of Mary T.:

Age Group 13-14
Women’s Event (LCM)
100 FL
Curzan – 58.61 (1)
Meagher – 59.71 (3)

Age Group 15-16
Women’s Event (LCM)
100 FL
Curzan – 57.87 (2)
Meagher – 57.93 (3)

5 months ago

The rare binary time

Reply to  Hmmmm
5 months ago

If she was 0.06 seconds faster, she would’ve gone 1:01.01 😩 lol

5 months ago

Not to take anything away from these swims, but years ago the Schroeder pool was rumored to have a current. sure the pool has to have been renovated in recent years (?)

Reply to  azswummer
5 months ago

In events where races are to be swum in both directions, a current is actually a disadvantage – you spend more time swimming against the current than you do with it.

So, if anything, your rumor makes the swim more impressive, not less.

Reply to  Braden Keith
5 months ago

It was an advantage only in long course when doing 50 free, yes. My bad to bring it into a discussion about a scy meet. Just remembering how many people wanted a certain two anes for the 50 free and even came to time trial there because they thought it was an advantage. Should have explained myself better.

Reply to  azswummer
5 months ago

Even if it did have a current, that would literally only benefit you in a long course 50 if you were going the right way. Such a silly argument to make about any pool

Reply to  Klorn8d
5 months ago

Didn’t say there was truth to the rumor.It’s a pool with a lot of history that was always fun to swim at.

Reply to  azswummer
5 months ago

There is no current at Schroeder, unless I’m swimming, then it’s somehow against me in both directions.

Reply to  Fiveos
4 months ago

I had to laugh at that one.

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