1,115 Swimmers Have Qualified for the 2020 US Olympic Trials (FULL LIST)

With the conclusion of the international, national, junior national, zone, futures, and sectional meets that make up the bulk of the long course championship season, it’s time for an update on the number of Olympic Trials qualifiers. We’re already up to 1,115, and with a full season left to go, that’s already nearing USA Swimming’s stated goal of having between 1,200 and 1,400 qualifiers. Those 1,115 swimmers have amassed 2,299 qualifying cuts.

World Juniors is yet to come, but most, or all, swimmers racing at that meet have already qualified for the Olympic Trials, so that won’t appreciably impact the outcome.

The 2020 US Olympic Swimming Trials will be held from June 21st-28th, 2020 at the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Swimmers will be able to compete in any events where they’ve hit the Olympic Trials standard (link below) with no ‘bonus events’ allowed.

Qualifying for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials begins on November 28, 2018 and runs through June 19th, 2020. USA Swimming will accept new qualifications from first-time qualifiers from June 16th-19th, but won’t update anybody’s entry time based on swims after June 15th.

Hali Flickinger continues to lead all swimmers with 9 Olympic Trials qualifying standards, followed by Madisyn Cox and Melanie Margalis with 8 each. There are 14 total events for each gender at the Olympic Trials.

Here is a list of swimmers with at least 6 qualifying standards:

Flickinger, Hali 9
Cox, Madisyn 8
Margalis, Melanie 8
Abruzzo, Andrew 7
Alons, Kylee 7
Casas, Shaine 7
Dressel, Caeleb 7
Kalisz, Chase 7
Ledecky, Katie 7
Litherland, Jay 7
Smith, Kieran 7
Smith, Regan 7
Andrew, Michael 6
Drabot, Katie 6
Foster, Carson 6
Huske, Torri 6
Lasco, Destin 6
Liu, Kenisha 6
McLaughlin, Katie 6
McMurray, Olivia 6
Mitchell, Jake 6
Nordmann, Lillie 6
Pash, Kelly 6
Smith, Leah 6
Smith, Summer 6
Sullivan, Erica 6
Urlando, Luca 6
Walsh, Gretchen 6
Weyant, Emma 6

By Event:

The 50 freestyles continue to see a high volume of qualifiers, while the distance events are lagging behind. This is both by design and by ‘event choice’ as there are, in general, more sprinters in USA Swimming than distance swimmers.

Event Female Qualifiers Male Qualifiers
50 FR 96 117
100 FR 82 98
200 FR 85 72
400 FR 77 81
800 FR 50 60
1500 FR 41 54
100 BK 103 104
200 BK 73 72
100 BR 101 105
200 BR 74 88
100 FL 97 102
200 FL 87 72
200 IM 94 77
400 IM 77 58

Note: we have done our best to remove names, like Brad Tandy, that are incorrectly labeled as being Americans in the SWIMS database. There are other cases of swimmers who we understand to be dual citizens who could, already are, or may be planning to represent other nations internationally, like Caspar Corbeau (Netherlands), Phillippe Marcoux (Canada), Jaden Olson (Philippines), Paul Le (Vietnam),  and Bence Szabados (Hungary), but who could also technically still swim at the US Olympic Trials as of today, given that there is technically enough time left to change their sporting citizenship to American.

All US Olympic Trials Qualifiers Based on USA Swimming Database as of August 14th, 2019:

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1 year ago

Can we download the data?

Reply to  UCswim
1 year ago

Copy and past worked for me, but I was wondering if we could get ages???

Gig 'Em
Reply to  HulkSwim
1 year ago

You could just download them from SWIMS like SwimSwam does.

1 year ago

How many of the swimmers that made the 2016 Olympic Trials made their first cut in the last 10 months, if we look at that, how many more swimmers could we expect to make the meet this time, meaning how big might the meet be this time since they are trying to make the meet smaller?
My guess is that if there are 1115 swimmers with cuts right now we will probably see more than 1400 swimmers at the meet, maybe closer to 1600 (still smaller then the 1800 at the 2016 Olympic Trials).

1 year ago

With due respect to all these swimmers, 13 heats of 100 breaststroke at what should be the most exclusive meet in America seems wrong. It dilutes the meet. Didn’t it used to be that the qualifying time for the next cycle was the 36th fastest time from the previous trials?

Reply to  Dawg
1 year ago


Reply to  Dawg
1 year ago

If you look back that is not far off of what the cuts are. The percent of best times is so low at trials that basing the cuts off of the results is not a good indicator. Maybe base off a certain seed going in for the previous trials.

Reply to  Dawg
1 year ago

Part of it might be to help raise money to help pay for the National team?
At the times that I think you talk about the Trials was also held in Indy with space for about 4000 and now there are space for 18000-20000?

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 year ago

What about NCAA’s? For a lot of athletes getting there is the highlight of a swimming career. And it should be.

Reply to  Snarky
1 year ago


Reply to  Dawg
1 year ago

I think the last few Olympic Trials they have done 10 lanes for prelims, and 8 for semifinals and finals.

Reply to  Dawg
1 year ago

When you start a comment with “all due respect” it’s a loser without finishing the comment. Sorry but swimming is deep. And we want the next generation of athletes to get this experience.

Pac Swim Fan
Reply to  Snarky
1 year ago

Agreed–so many Dean Farris like examples out there. E.g. I had NEVER heard of Shain Casas before July (though I should have–he has been a good swimmer for a while).

Reply to  Pac Swim Fan
1 year ago

He has been on the national jr team in the past, and he also trained himself growing up. It’s a fascinating story, and it’s great to see him have such a fantastic year!

breastroker w/ OT
Reply to  Dawg
1 year ago

why call out breastroke? look at that 50 and 100 free too!

Reply to  breastroker w/ OT
1 year ago


Max C
Reply to  breastroker w/ OT
1 year ago

Breastroke sends two athletes per event to the Olympics for one to two relay spots (depending on the gender of the MMR breastroker). The 100 has six with four relay spots. As for the fifty, yes it’s bloated but it’s also the shortest event. You could have at least 3 times as many 50 heats as 200 breastrokes in the same time, maybe four depending on how fast Trials are run in prelims.

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