World Swimming Association Ratifies Constitution in Washington DC (Video Report)

Friday, August 31 in Washington D.C., the World Swimming Association held a  constitutional convention at the 2017 ASCA World Clinic. Coaches, officials, and swimming professionals sat in a room for 5 hours, hashing out the article of the constitution and bylaws, finally coming to an agreement of what the WSA will stand for.

The World Swimming Association, or WSA, is presenting itself as an international governing body – an alternate to FINA. FINA has been pummeled with criticism by swimming powerbrokers around the world for their handling of doping violations, corruption, questionable leadership from non-swimming nations, and for failing to provide more financial support for athletes, among other chargers.

If the WSA does in fact gain traction, it will also mean the launch of the Professional Swimmers Association, or the PSA. The PSA strives to be an outlet to earn more financial benefits (49% of WSA revenue) for the events they attend and promote by their collective presence. The PSA is also announcing in the near future a pro meet series called the Ring of Fire. The meets in the Ring of Fire will take place 1 month apart, and will occur in the Pacific Rim – and stand as WSA’s alternative for the FINA World Cup.

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Ah, Messrs Leonard and Block; as that grand old Texan saying goes “All hat, no cattle !”. Whilst I do not doubt the sincerity of their intentions; their emanations are basically akin to making heroic speeches to oneself in the bathroom mirror. Two things need to happen in order for a new governing body for the sport to come to fruition. One is a clear vote of “no confidence” in FINA from the IOC and WADA which would then see a massive threat of disinvestment from “institutional investors” (equipment manufacturers/timing). The second would be a major tranche of major swimming nations disaffiliating and with the backing of the institutional investors acting to create a new body. The key issue with… Read more »


They want clean sport which all agree but all knows that WADA is the one in charge on this issue what they want to do ? Are they going to creat another Anti Doping Agency? Moreover they are taking about Pro-Swiimer which will lead for sure full control by the Swimmers sponsors which are the company that means money talks!! Please stop the nonsense be logic


Good intentions…but castles in the sky.

Coach Mike 1952

So what’s the alternative? At least they are trying to do something.


Try to change things from inside, for example…


You are not going to see action until (1) IOC threatens exclusion from Olympics unless major overhaul is underaken and/or (2) the major institutional investors in the sport (equipment manufacturers/timing etc) make similar threats of cutting off the $$$$ stream. Jorge IS correct in the sense that it will be easier to work with an existing structure if at all possible rather than trying to build something new from ground up. Whether that is viable … unknown. What is certain that any reformed FINA or new governing body will need to have the backing and major inputs from the major players in the sport, be they the national federations of the broad cross-section of major nations (not just Anglosphere or… Read more »


Your last question is lethal.

Emma Svensson

Coleman you belong in front of the camera!

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