World Champions Schouten & Steenbergen Head Up Dutch Olympic Roster

With the 2024 Olympics on the horizon, the Dutch Olympic Committee has finalized the nation’s swimming roster for the Paris Games.

A total of 17 swimmers will represent the Netherlands, 12 will compete in individual events as another 5 will be relay-only.

2024 world champion Tes Schouten headlines the women’s lineup, with the breaststroking ace set to race the 100m and 200m distances of the discipline.

Another world champion, Marrit Steenbergen, has 2 individual events in her repertoire and is expected to take on the 100m free and 200m medley.

Kim Busch, Valerie van Roon, Kira Toussaint and Maaike de Waard comprise the remaining slots on the individual events roster.

As for the men, two-time silver medalist from Tokyo, 28-year-old Arno Kamminga, is set to try to defend his 100m and 200m breast hardware. Teammate Caspar Corbeau, formerly of the University of Texas, is also on the roster in those same events.

Another former NCAA swimmer, NC State’s Nyls Korstanje, has been named in the 100m fly while Sean Niewold qualified in the men’s 100m free at the 11th hour.

Backstroker Kai van Westering of Indiana University made the grade in the 100m and 200m while sprinters Kenzo Simons and Renzo Tjon-a-Joe will represent in the 50m free.

Although Tjon-A-Joe is now a 3-time Olympian, the 28-year-old will fly the Netherlands’ flag for the first time, having switched his citizenship from Suriname.

Kim Busch (50 free)
Tessa Giele (100 butterfly)
Valerie van Roon (50 free)
Tes Schouten (100 and 200 breaststroke)
Marrit Steenbergen (100 free and 200 medley)
Kira Toussaint (100 backstroke)
Maaike de Waard (100 backstroke)

Caspar Corbeau (100 and 200 breaststroke)
Arno Kamminga (100 and 200 breaststroke)
Nyls Korstanje (100 butterfly)
Sean Niewold (100 free)
Kenzo Simons (50 free)
Renzo Tjon-A-Joe (50 free)
Kai van Westering Palacios (100 and 200 backstroke)

In addition to these individual starts, TeamNL will compete in the following relays in Paris: 4 x 100 freestyle women, 4 x 200 freestyle women, 4 x 100 medley women, 4 x 100 medley men and 4 x 100 medley mixed.

All swimmers who qualified for an individual distance are also eligible for one or more relays. The following swimmers will only compete in relays:

Sam van Nunen (4 x 100 freestyle)
Silke Holkenborg (4 x 200 freestyle)
Imani de Jong (4 x 200 freestyle)
Janna van Kooten (4 x 200 freestyle)
Stan Pijnenburg (4 x 100 medley)

The final line-ups for the relays will be determined in Paris.

The TeamNL Competitive Swimming team in Paris consists of: Kees Robbertsen (coach), Patrick Pearson (coach), Mark Faber (coach), Job van Duijnhoven (coach), Patrick Martens (physiotherapist), Jan Herber (physiotherapist), Conny van Bentum (doctor), Sjors Lommerts (team manager) and Carlo van der Heijden (embedded scientist).

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12 days ago

Arno Kamminga is washed

13 days ago

Seems like Steenbergen dropped the 200free, probably a smart move

13 days ago

Only two medal chances

Reply to  peter
13 days ago

Hhhmm; are you meaning only 2 events with medal chances or two swimmers with medal chances ?

I see 2 clear front line medal contenders; Schouten (W200BRS) & Steenbergen (W100FR) with the latter a very real gold opportunity.

However, I would add that Schouten is not out of the minor medal picture in W100BRS as is Kamminga (M100BRS)

Reply to  commonwombat
12 days ago

Steenbergen is not beating MOC, sorry. Have her on the podium though

Reply to  phelpsfan
12 days ago

IF MOC is fit and firing, I tend to agree but both Haughey and Steenbergen have to be seriously respected and are very capable of grabbing any opportunity that may come their way.

Reply to  commonwombat
12 days ago

I think MOC will win but Steenbergen and Haughey are the two most likely to stop her

13 days ago

Steenbergen 200 free?

Last edited 13 days ago by gitech
Reply to  gitech
12 days ago

Final ….. very strong chance but she would need a very slow race scenario ….. or need to find around 2 seconds.

River Seine
Reply to  gitech
12 days ago

She’s not swimming 200 free.

Smart decision.

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