Women’s NCAA DIII Championship Fan Guide: Can Emory’s Streak Continue?

Well it’s that time of year again – championship time. To paraphrase a certain Coach Steen – the best of the best come together to compete at their best, at the best of all possible times. And guess what? We all get to witness it.

In this guide, you’ll find a rundown of important meet information, including races to keep an eye on, information on teams and individual seeding, as well as a pre-meet score based purely on seeded positions.

Last year, the Emory Eagles held onto the title they’ve earned for the past four years. The team’s sheer depth – they qualified 17 athletes in 2013 – outweighed any competitors, and everyone who came to the NCAA meet swam lights out. The real battle was for second, and the Kenyon Ladies edged their way into that spot with points to spare ahead of third place Denison. Rounding out the top four was Williams bolstered by the individual high points of its studly crew.

This year, Emory may be facing some competition for that overall top finish. The Kenyon Ladies will be showing up in force having qualified 18 athletes (17 swimmers, 1 diver). Emory shows up with 18 as well (17 swimmers, 1 diver). Denison has only 13 swimmers qualified. Williams will be bringing 11 women (9 swimmers, 2 divers). Johns Hopkins will have 12 swimmers.

While all races are to some extent, exciting, here’s a list of the races at this year’s NCAAs that you definitely do not want to miss!

Day 1:

500 Freestyle – This is going to be fast. Top 8 last year took a 4:56.42; seven women are already under that standard coming into the meet. Keep an eye on DePauw freshman Angela Newlon who owns the fastest time coming into the meet. Returning from last year, Sarah Thompson of Williams who was runner up last year.

50 Freestyle – With Wheaton IL sophomore Kirstin Nitz’ decision not to defend her title, this event could be up in the air. Kellie Pennington of Springfield is the favorite to win, but let’s not discount Chandra Lukes (Redlands) who returns from last year, or Denison freshman Carolyn Kane who has shown promise as a sprinter.

Day 2:

400 IM – Similarly to the 500, this will be a fast event. The top eight cut off last year was 4:25.61 and seven women are under that standard coming in. Keep an eye on the top seed, Williams’ Megan Pierce, a freshman who has been making some serious waves. Also returning in the event from the championship final last year are runner up Michelle Howell of Denison and third place finisher Michelle York from Emory.

100 Butterfly – Nitz won this event last year and was a bare .2 off the NCAA record. She’s easily over a second ahead of any of the next fastest swimmers, and has a shot at taking home a record as well as another championship title. Six women are at or below the 55.83 that it took to make it back last year, and Taylor Kitayama of Johns Hopkins will probably drop some serious time.

400 Medley Relay – Kenyon took home the national record in the event last year and only lost their flyer to graduation. With three quarters of a relay remaining, seeing what they can put together should be interesting. On the other side of it, JHU lost nothing to attrition, and has the potential to drop significant time off a relay that is already within a second of the time they posted at NCAAs last year.

Day 3:

100 Backstroke: Celia Oberholzer of Kenyon is the national record holder in this event and defending champ from last year; going into the meet, she’s the sixth seed with Kitayama sitting on top of the pile. Nitz is also in the mix, after having not swum the event last year. She could also make a title run, or even take a stab at the national record. None of the top eight finalists from this event graduated.

100 Breaststroke: Whitewater’s Amy Spaay broke the meet record in this event last year, and came pretty darn close to cutting down the NCAA record as well with a 1:00.85. Is this the year she goes under a minute? Additionally, the time for top 8 is going to go down a ton this year – sixteen women are under the time it took to qualify for the A final at last year’s meet!

800 Freestyle Relay – Let no one be under any illusions: this one relay is going to be all Johns Hopkins. With three 200 freestylers in the top 25, already within three seconds of the time they posted to win last year, the only real question is how fast can these girls go? And will they take down the NCAA record this year?

Day 4:

200 Backstroke – There are four women who have already been under the two minute mark in this event so far this year. Nitz is not swimming this event which she won last year, and the runner up, Oberholzer, is sitting tied for the 26th seed. Will the NCAA record fall this year? It’ll be close!

100 Freestyle – Ana Bogdanovski of JHU is closest to being under 50 seconds so far this year. Nitz may bring some solid competition to the table. Pennington will also be in it for the race. And don’t forget Kane – that girl is quick, and we still haven’t seen everything she can do.

1650 Freestyle – This event is chock-full of freshman and the top eight swimmers all belong to the big gun schools – Emory, Williams, Kenyon and Denison. Sarah Thompson may be only the sixth seed coming into the mile, but this Williams’ junior is going to be taking home the trophy, no question about it. She came into the meet slower last year and dropped a whopping 25 seconds from her seed time to win. Denison freshman Campbell Costley and Kenyon sophomore Mariah Williamson also bear watching.

Order of Events


  • M/W 500 Freestyle
  • M/W 200 IM
  • M/W 50 Freestyle
  • W 3m Diving
  • M/W 200 Medley Relay


  • M/W 200 Freestyle Relay
  • M/W 400 IM
  • M/W 100 Butterfly
  • M/W 200 Freestyle
  • M 1m Diving
  • M/W 400 Medley Relay Finals


  • M/W 200 Butterfly
  • M/W 100 Backstroke
  • M/W 100 Breaststroke
  • W 1m Diving
  • M/W 800 Freestyle Relay


  • M/W 1650 Freestyle
  • M/W 100 Freestyle
  • M/W 200 Backstroke
  • M/W 200 Breaststroke
  • M 3m Diving
  • M/W 400 Freestyle Relay

Meet the Teams

Emory 17 Invites – 1 Diver

Last year Emory finished at the top of the pile for the fourth year running. This year things could be a little more interesting. While Emory doesn’t have anyone sitting at the top of the seeds coming into the 2014 NCAA meet, they’ve got athletes liberally sprinkled throughout the standings, and should come to defend their title the way they’ve always done – through serious depth. At this point, Emory’s standouts are women like freshman Annelise Kowalksy (2nd seed in 200 IM, 3rd seed in 100 breaststroke), with backup from the myriad of other Eagles in the top 16 going into the meet. Senior Brooke Woodward is another high seeded competitor, entering the meet seeded 3rd in the 400 IM, with two other teammates seeded in the top 8. Junior Nina Zook is the second seed in the 200 butterfly after finishing 4th in the event in 2013. Senior Sarah Greene has been setting Emory school records this season, and will look to continue doing so on the boards at the NCAA meet. She was just outside scoring position last year, finishing 17th in prelims on 3 meter. Relays are seeded as follows: 9th in 200 medley relay, tied for 4th in 200 freestyle relay, 3rd in 400 medley relay and 4th in the 400 and 800 freestyle relays.

Kenyon 17 Invites – 1 Diver

Kenyon’s Ladies swam an incredible meet last year to finish runner up. The Ladies are a young team this year with seven freshmen in the lineup for the NCAA meet. They have a couple national champions returning this year, however, in Celia Oberholzer and Maria Zarka, victors from last year’s meet in the 100 backstroke and 3 meter diving. Some of the top seeds from the team include sophomore Mariah Williamson who is 4th seed going into the meet in both the 500 freestyle and the 1650. Junior Jourdan Cline returns to the scene with a 7th place seed in the 50 freestyle and 8th in the 100 butterfly. Senior powerhouses Hillary Yarosh and Syd Lindblom are back on the scene; Yarosh is seeded 2nd in the 200 freestyle and Lindblom is 7th in the mile. National champ and NCAA record holder Oberholzer is 6th seed in the 100 backstroke. Senior Rachel Flinn is 8th seed in the 100 backstroke. After finishing 7th in the event last year, sophomore Katie Kaestner is the second fastest seed entering the meet in the 100 breaststroke behind the defending champ from Whitewater and ranked 7th coming into the 200 breaststroke. Two of Kenyon’s freshmen are seeded in the top 16 of the mile and a third is 17th. With plenty of opportunity to move up, this meet could potentially showcase what makes champions. Relay seeds are as follows: top seed in 200 and 400 medley relays, 2nd in 200 and 400 freestyle relays, and 4th in 800 freestyle relay.

Denison – 13 Invites

Last year, the Big Red women finished 3rd nationally. This year, they come into the meet with a team comprised primarily of upperclassmen (only two freshies on the roster) facing down teams built more from the freshmen-up. Natalie Lugg and Taylor Johns are two of the highest ranked women from Big Red going into this year’s NCAA meet. Lugg has the top spot on the 200 IM and Johns is sitting atop the pile for the mile. Most of the rest of the Denison women are mixed in somewhere in the middle of the pack, but the young standouts have made enough noise to get noticed too: freshmen Campbell Costley and Carolyn Kane are seeded very well coming into the meet. Costley’s 3rd seed in the 500 freestyle sets her up well for a strong race in what could be one of the fastest events the NCAA meet will have seen in a while; she’s also third seed in the mile, just a few seconds behind teammate Johns. Kane is 6th seed in the 50, 7th in the 100 freestyle and 4th in the 200 freestyle. Michelle Howell (2nd in 400 IM, 4th in 200 butterfly). Denison’s invited relay seeds are as follows: 3rd in 200 medley relay, top seed in 200 freestyle relay, 5th in 400 medley relay, 2nd in 800 freestyle relay, and 3rd in 400 freestyle relay.

Johns Hopkins University – 12 Invites

After finishing 5th last year, the women of JHU are going to be coming into the NCAA meet ready to rock things up. That 5th place finish may have been tied the best finish the school has had at the national meet, but after this year, they may well have a new standard to hold themselves to! The group will be led by senior, Taylor Kitayama who has had a few years of experience at NCAAs. Last year she was 3rd in both the 100 butterfly and backstroke, and 4th in the 200 backstroke. This year she comes in as the top seed in both backstroke events and the 6th seed in the 100 butterfly. She is joined by a powerhouse teammate, the redoubtable Ana Bogdanovski whose season thus far has also shown great promise. Bogdanovski was 12th in the 50 last year, and 3rd in the 100 and 200 freestyle, but comes in as the top seed in the 100 and 200, and 3rd in the 50. Other notable top entries include seniors Sarah Rinsma (9th in 50 freestyle, 5th in the 100 freestyle) and Kylie Ternes (14th in 50 and 100 freestyle), junior Samantha Fox (9th in the 400 IM), freshmen Shirley Chan (7th in 100 butterfly) and Abigail Brown (9th 100 butterfly). Relays are seeded as follows: 2nd in 200 and 400 medley relays, 3rd in 200 freestyle relay, and 1st in the 400 and 800 freestyle relays.

Wheaton IL – 11 Invites

Remember when we didn’t know where Wheaton was? Well, that’s all changed now, and a good deal of that change is thanks to sophomore Kristin Nitz who helped put this place on the swimming map. Nitz’s swim list this year includes the 100 butterfly (top seed), 100 backstroke (5th seed) and 100 freestyle (3rd seed). She won the 100 butterfly last year, but didn’t swim either of the other two races, opting instead for the 50 freestyle (which she holds the NCAA record in) and the 200 backstroke (which she also won). Her top seeded teammates include freshman Erin Bagley (10th in 100 breaststroke) and sophomore Katherine Deysher (16th 200 IM, 13th in 400 IM). Wheaton’s top relays are as follows: 11th seed in the 200 medley relay, 14th seed in the 200 freestyle relay and the 400 medley relay, 13th in the 800 freestyle relay and 9th in the 400 freestyle relay.

Williams – 9 Invites – 2 Divers

Williams finished fourth last year at NCAAs and lost some studs in to graduation. With Wilson out of the picture, a few events are suddenly open for Eph junior Sarah Thompson where there could otherwise have been some competition. Thompson has a chance to improve on her runner up finish in the 500 from 2013, and repeat as the 200 freestyle and mile champion. She goes into the meet as the top seed in none of these events – in fact, she’s 6th in the mile and only 10th in the 200 – but don’t let that fool you and don’t discount a champion who knows how to bring it when it’s time. Joining Thompson are four freshman, including possible mile rival Megan Pierce who is seeded 8th in the event. Pierce is also the top seed in the 400 IM and 17th in the 200 butterfly. Sophomore Katherine Bennett was 27th in the 100 backstroke last year, but comes in this year as the 9th seed, looking to crack into the A final. Her better event, the 200 backstroke she finished 15th last year, but this year is coming in as 3rd seed, in the running for one of the most exciting races of the meet. Williams’ top relays are seeded as follows: 9th in the 200 freestyle relay, 6th in the 400 medley relay, 5th in the 800 freestyle relay and 7th in the 400 freestyle relay. Lastly, their two divers, senior-sophomore team McKenzie Murdoch and Veronica Nikolaki, have some NCAA experience as Murdoch was 6th on 1 meter and 7th on 3 meter last year.

Claremont MS – 10 Invites

Between four strong invited relays and a set of women strong freshman and experienced upperclassmen, Claremont MS could have what it takes to rock the boat a little this year. Top qualifiers from the team include seniors Annika Jessen (10th in 100 butterfly, 14th in 200 butterfly), Michele Kee (6th in 200 IM, 15th in 100 butterfly, 7th in 200 butterfly), junior Molly Loftus (18th in 1650) and freshmen Emily McKinnon (16th in 200 breaststroke) and Kelly Ngo (6th in 50 freestyle, 17th in 100 breaststroke, 20th in 200 breaststroke). The top seeded relays are 6th seed in the 200 freestyle relay, 12th seed in the 400 medley relay, 14th seed in the 400 freestyle relay and 10th seed in the 200 medley relay.

Wash U. MO – 10 Invites

Seven of Wash U’s 10 athletes have individual qualifying events. Their top seeds are from sophomores Kristalyn McAfee (7th in 200 free; finished 4th last year), Amanda Stadermann (12th in 200 butterfly), Hannah Lillioja (tied for 20th in 100 freestyle), Kathryn Anderson (16th in 500 freestyle,15th in 200 backstroke), and Sophie Gan (9th in 200 breaststroke). Also in those top events are senior Anh Chi Pham (11th in 200 IM, 20th in 400 IM) and junior Sara Taege (6th in 500 freestyle, 8th in 400 IM). Wash U’s top relays are as follows: 16th seed in the 200 medley relay, 7th in the 800 freestyle relay, and 12th in the 400 freestyle relay.

Chicago – 9 Invites

Chicago has had a breakout year so far, and nearly every freshman attending the meet on this (very young) team is competing individually. The top seeds going into the meet are junior Jennifer Hill (14th in 200 IM), freshmen Maya Scheidl (18th in 50 freestyle, 8th 100 freestyle), Abby Erdmann (4th in 100 butterfly, 3rd in 200 butterfly), Alison Wall (17th in 200 freestyle, 13th in 100 butterfly and 200 backstroke), and Cara Lopiano (20th in 1650 freestyle), and sophomore Ciara Hu (17th in 400 IM, 19th in 200 butterfly). Relays: 12th seeded 200 medley relay, 10th seeded 200 freestyle relay, 8th seeded 400 medley relay, 10th seeded 800 freestyle relay, and 6th seeded 400 freestyle relay.

MIT – 9 Invites

8th last year, these women are coming in with something to prove. Three individual qualifiers: freshman Veronika Jedryka (17th seed in 100 backstroke, 5th in 200 backstroke), sophomore Kristen Finney (14th seed in 100 breaststroke), and senior Christy Rogers (15th seed in 100 backstroke, 10th in 200 backstroke). Rogers was 12th in the 200 last year. MIT’s relays are seeded as follows: 7th in 200 freestyle relay, 9th in 400 medley relay, 8th in 400 and 800 freestyle relays.

Springfield – 8 Invites – 1 Diver

Senior Kellie Pennington is certainly one of Springfield’s standouts. After a runner up finish in the 50 last year, she has a shot at winning the NCAA crown, going into the event as the top seed without NCAA champion Nitz in the mix to defend the title. Pennington is also seeded 3rd in the 200 freestyle, just a hair’s breadth away from being under 1:50, as well as having a second place seed in the 100 freestyle, again so close to being under 50 seconds. She will have a very exciting meet. Also competing in individual events for Springfield are freshman Emily Medeiros (100 breaststroke), sophomore Ashleigh Monroe (500 freestyle) and senior Jen Thompson (diving). Their relays are seeded as follows: 15th in the 200 freestyle relay, 10th in the 400 freestyle and medley relays, and 9th in the 800 freestyle relay.

 Amherst – 7 Invites – 1 Diver

Amherst finished 6th at NCAAs last year. This year, with the graduation of the 1 meter diving champion, Amherst’s Kaitlyn Linsmayer will have a shot at taking home the crown after finishing runner up last year. Other individual qualifiers for Amherst include sophomores Charlotte Chudy, Sarah Conklin and Emily Hyde. Chudy is seeded 21st in the mile; last year she finished 20th. Conklin is 11th seed in the 100 butterfly and 6th in the 200 butterfly after finishing 7th and 21st respectively in 2013. Hyde has a shot at the 200 IM title: she’s seeded 4th and last year posted the second fastest time swum in the event at all during prelims. She’s also 8th seed in the 100 and 200 breaststroke. (Finished 4th in the 200 breaststroke last year). Amherst has the 7th seed in the 200 and 400 medley relays and 12th in the 800 freestyle relay .

Rochester – 6 Invites – 1 Diver

Rochester goes into the 2014 NCAA meet seeded 6th in the 200 and 16th in the 400 medley relays, as well as 11th in the 200 freestyle relay. Individual event qualifiers include junior Lauren Bailey (seeded 6th in 100 and 16th in 200 butterfly), senior Karen Meess (seeded 20th in 200 backstroke) and freshmen Alexandra Veech (seeded 20th in 100 breaststroke) and Danielle Neu (diving).

Gustavus – 6 Invites

Gustavus tied for 10th nationally last year. This year, they haven’t lost any point scorers to graduation, and are coming in with a 4th seed in the 200 freestyle and medley relays, the 400 medley relay and a 5th seed in the 400 freestyle relay. Individual qualifiers are Catherine Olson  (10th seed in 50 and 12th in 100 freestyle), Jennifer Strom (7th seed in the 100 and 3rd in 200 breaststroke) and senior Alissa Tinklenberg (2nd seed in 50 freestyle, 3rd in the 100 backstroke and 4th in 200 backstroke). Despite the small numbers, with a team this strong, Gustavus may make top 10 again.

CMU – 5 Invites

Freshman Gillian Crews and seniors Soleil Phan and Megan Garvey all qualified individually for the 2014 NCAA meet. Crews is the 12th seed in the 100 butterfly. Garvey is 9th in the 200 butterfly. Phan ranks 19th in the 500 freestyle prior to the meet. The CMU 400 medley relay is ranked 15th and also includes sophomores Kira Singhaus and Felicia Wang.

Connecticut – 5 Invites

Senior Julia Pielock was 10th in the 50 last year and disqualified the 100 freestyle last year; she comes into this meet seeded 17th in the 100 and 12th in the 50, just a tenth off her finals time from last year. Also qualifying individually for the Camels is sophomore Samantha Pierce who is seeded 19th in the 200 IM and 200 freestyle. The 15th seeded 400 freestyle relay and 12th seeded 200 freestyle relay include freshmen Ivy Durepo and Skye Qi Marigold, as well as sophomore Rachel Wilson.

DePauw – 5 Invites

Freshman Angela Newlon is the big name from Depauw this year. She enters the 2014 NCAA meet as the top seed in the 500 freestyle, an event that promises to be ridiculously fast. She is also 10th in the 400 IM. Joining her in the 6th ranked 800 freestyle relay and 13th ranked 400 freestyle relay are fellow freshman Kirsten Olson, sophomores Caroline Bridges and Erin Horne and junior Emily Weber.

Middlebury 4 Invites – 1 Diver

Middlebury’s 8th seeded 200 medley relay boasts one swimmer from each class: freshman Morgan Burke, sophomore Megan Griffin, junior Jamie Hillas, and senior Andrea Tibbetts. Individually, the Panthers also have junior diver Colleen Harper, and Hillas is seeded 9th and 18th in the 100 and 200 breaststrokes, respectively. She finished 21st in the 100 and 28th in the 200 last year. Harper was 20th on 3 meter last year.

NYU – 5 Invites

Freshmen Rebecca Gibbs, Joanna Kostin and Kathryn Webber join forces with sophomore Krista Traub and junior Emily Doerner for this year’s NCAA champs. The NYU 200 medley relay is seeded 15th. Individually, Kostin is seeded 9th in the mile and Doerner is 18th in the 100 backstroke.

SUNY Geneseo – 5 Invites

Senior Lauren Boyce is joined by juniors Julie Holloway and Stephanie Wilcoxen, and sophomores Abigail Max and Kala Wilkins. The invited 200 and 400 freestyle relays are both seeded 16th. Individually, Max is seeded 8th in the 500 freestyle (finished 14th last year), 5th in the 200 freestyle (finished 16th last year), and 16th in the 100 freestyle.

UWL – 5 Invites

Sophomores Mikayla Beuch and Sara Emanovic join juniors Brooke Reynolds and Leanna Schwartzlow along with senior Allison Yemm. Their 200 medley relay is seeded 14th. Individually, Reynolds is 12th in the 100 backstroke (32nd last year) and 16th in the 200 back (26th last year). Zemanovic is 16th in the 200 freestyle; last year she finished 52nd.

Stevens Point – 5 Invites

Sophomores Emily Neinhaus, Gemma Pillsburry and Alexa Pronga will team up with junior Amanda Walker and senior Amy Boritzke for this year’s invited 200 and 400 freestyle relays, seeded 8th and 11th, respectively. Individually, Walker is seeded 13th in the 500 freestyle and 9th in the 200 freestyle.

Whitewater – 4 Invites – 1 Diver

Junior Amy Spaay is the woman to watch from Whitewater after capturing the college’s first NCAA titles last year in breaststroke. She may have a shot at taking down her own meet record, the NCAA record and possibly even going under a minute this year. Joining her on deck are fellow juniors Kelsey Kohlbeck and Kayla Martin as well as senior Kendall Thompson. On the boards will be sophomore Sierra Becker. Becker attended the meet last year too, taking 23rd on 3 meter and 16th on 1 meter.

Bates – 4 Invites

Freshmen Sara Daher and Julia Smachlo join forces with sophomores Caroline Depew and Lindsey Prelgovisk for an 11th seeded 800 freestyle relay. Individually, Daher is ranked 3rd in the 200 IM and 4th in the 400 IM.

Grove City – 4 Invites

Grove City was 9th last year, but lost some manpower. This year freshman Abigail Jank joins juniors Victoria Baker and Lauren Cassano and sophomore Megan Bilko for an 800 freestyle relay seeded 16th. Individually, Bilko is seeded 13th in the mile and 15th in the 500 and 400 IM. She finished 17th in the mile last year.

Luther – 4 Invites

Freshman Emily Anderson, sophomores Alexandra Schamer and Clare Slagel and senior Erin Connolly form this year’s team with a 13th ranked 400 medley relay and a 5th seed in the 200 medley relay. Individually, Slagel is seeded 14th in the 500, 4th in the 100 backstroke and 2nd in the 200 backstroke. Last year she finished 22nd in the 500, 4th in the 100 backstroke and 3rd in the 200 backstroke. She is one of those top backstroke qualifiers who may have a shot at the NCAA record in the 200 backstroke.

Pomona-Pitzer – 4 Invites

Freshmen Kay Stemerb and Maki Tohmon join junior Vicky Gyorffy and senior Alexandra Lincoln as an 800 freestyle relay seeded 14th.

St. Olaf – 4 Invites

This team’s qualifiers are seniors Carolyn Bernhardt, Sarah Kemp and sophomores Madeline Lee and Abigail Schnaith. Their 800 freestyle relay is ranked 15th. Individually Lee is ranked 13th in the 200 freestyle.  

St. Thomas – 4 Invites

This team’s qualifiers are juniors Emily Punyko, Mariann Kukielka, freshman Courtney Grunewald and senior Hayley Trace. Kukielka is seeded with the second fastest time in the 100 butterfly in DIII after finishing 28th last year. Punyko is seeded 15th in the 100 breaststroke. The 200 medley relay squad currently is seeded 13th.

Ithaca – 1 Invite – 2 Divers

Freshmen Grace Ayer and Nickie Griesemer will join senior Heather Markus in Indy. Griesemer and Markus will be diving; Ayer’s top seed is 10th in the 200 IM.

Stevens – 3 Invites

After being 7th last year, Stevens may have taken a hit. Sophomore Elizabeth Heinbach and juniors Brittany Geyer and Maria McClure make up the Stevens team. McClure is ranked highest of the group at 5th in the 200 butterfly. Geyer is seeded sixth in the 200 breaststroke and 12th in the 400 IM. Heinbach is 18th in the 400 IM. Geyer finished 3rd in her 200 breaststroke in 2013. Heinbach finished 14th in her 400 IM.

Trinity U – 1 Invite – 2 Divers

As it was last year, Trinity will ride mainly on the strength of divers. Sophomore Ashley Heline and senior Katie Sheldon were both at the meet last year. Heline was 8th on 3 meter and 14th on 1 meter. Sheldon was 7th on 1 meter. Joining them in the pool will be Kara Beauchamp, ranked 18th in the 200 IM and 11th in the 400 IM.

Mary Washington – 2 Invites

Seniors Amber Kerico and Jessica Singer qualified for the meet. Kerico is seeded 17th in the 200 breaststroke and Singer is 19th in the mile. Kerico finished 11th in the 200 breaststroke last year.

Occidental – 1 Invite – 1 Diver

Seniors Jessica Robson and Caroline Chang will be at the NCAA meet this year. Robson will be diving. Chang’s highest seed is 16th in the 100 breaststroke. She finished 18th last year.

SUNY Fredonia – 2 Divers

Seniors Ashley Keller and Katelyn Haley will be diving for Fredonia. Keller was 15th on 3 meter and 12th on 1 meter last year.

UW Eau Claire – 1 Invite – 1 Diver

Allison Hable is a sophomore tied for the 20th seed in the 50 freestyle. Sara Axness is a sophomore who will be diving for Eau Claire. This is the first time for both of them to the Big Meet.

Carleton – 1 Invite

Senior Milana Socha is seeded 16th in the 50 freestyle.

Case Western – 1 Invite

Maggie Dillione is a senior for Case this year, and is the top seed in the 200 butterfly and the 5th seed in the 100 butterfly. She finished 14th in the 100 last year, and 12th in the 200, but her seed times going into this year’s meet are even faster than she was at NCAAs last year. She may end up with the 200 fly crown.

Colorado – 1 Invite

Sophomre Olivia Dilorati is swimming for Colorado College. Her highest seed going into the 2014 NCAA meet is 17th in the 100 butterfly.

F&M – 1 Invite

Junior Katherine Grant is seeded 18th in the 500 and 14th in the mile. She was 13th in the mile and 15th in the 500 last year.

Hamilton – 1 Invite

Margaret Rosenbaum is a senior for Hamilton. She is seeded 3rd in the 100 butterfly after taking 4th in the event last year. She’s also seeded second in the 100 backstroke (and was runner up last year) and 6th in the 200 backstroke (where she was 7th last year). With many high caliber events, Rosenbaum is a star worth watching.

Hartwick – 1 Diver

Hartwick senior, Lindsay Bowker, will be diving this year on both boards at NCAAs.

 IWU – 1 Invite

Sophomore Kirsten Slaughter is the 4th fastest seed in the 50 freestyle, and 20th in the 100 freestyle. She finished 16th in the 50 as a freshman.

Kalamazoo – 1 Invite

Freshman Tristyn Edsall comes to her first NCAA championship with a 5th seed in the 50 freestyle. She could be top 8, and most likely will be top 16.

Lake Forest – 1 Diver

Returning to the NCAA scene is junior Christina Pekar who finished 12th on 3 meter and 10th on 1 meter last year.

La Verne – 1 Invite

Junior Madeline Lovrensky is 10th in the 100 backstroke and 19th in the 200 backstroke. She finished 6th  and 11th, respectively last year.

Macalaster – 1 Diver

Diving for Macalaster will be senior Renee Jordan. She finished 9th on 3 meter last year with a finals score that would have placed her third in the A final, and 8th on 1 meter.

 Mount Holyoke – 1 Invite

Sophomore Cathleen Pruden will be competing for the first time at the NCAA meet in the mile, the 200 IM and the 400 IM at this year’s NCAA meet. Her top seed is 6th in the 400 IM.

Redlands – 1 Invite

After winning the 100 freestyle last year, Chandra Lukes returns on her own to try to defend her title. She’s the 17th seed in the 50, 35th in the 100 backstroke, and in her signature event, the 100, she sits at a lowly 31st position. Time to turn up the heat for the finals!

RIT – 1 Diver

Diving for RIT will be junior Samantha Huselstein.

Rose Hulman – 1 Invite

Eleanore Hong is a freshman representing Rose-Hulman for the first time in the NCAA meet. She is seeded 20th in the 100 backstroke and 9th in the 200 backstroke.

Sewanee – 1 Invite

Senior Astrid Escobar is seeded 13th in the 100 breaststroke and 19th in the 200 breaststroke going into the 2014 NCAA meet. She tied for 15th in the 100 and finished 16th in the 200.

SUNY Cortland – 1 Diver

Sophomore Miranda Fergus will rep the Red Dragons for the first time at the NCAA meet this year on both the 1 and 3 meter boards.

SUNY New Paltz – 1 Invite

Senior Chelsea Allocco will be representing New Paltz again at the 2014 NCAA meet. She is seeded 11th in the 500 and 15th in the mile. Last year she finished 28th and 16th, respectively.

Wesleyan – 1 Invite

Junior Angela Slevin will be taking care of business in the distance events. She is seeded 16th in the mile and 20th in the 500.

Whitman – 1 Invite

Senior Claire Collins is competing in what may end up being one of the fastest events of the NCAA meet – the 100 breaststroke. She is the 11th seed. Last year she finished 12th.

Whitworth – 1 Invite

Freshman Jacqueline Beal makes her debut on the NCAA scene this year in the backstroke and 200 IM. Her highest seed is 21st in the 200 backstroke.

Widener – 1 Invite

Laura Harris, a senior for Widener, is ranked 12th and 13th in the 200 and 100 backstrokes, respectively. She was 16th in the 200 last year.

Wittenberg – 1 Invite

For the Tigers senior Molly Gustafson made the NCAA meet. Her highest seed is 18th in the 100 breaststroke.

Wooster – 1 Invite

Courtney McGovern is a freshman qualified for her first NCAA championship. Her top seed is 18th in the 200 backstroke.

WPI – 1 Diver

Veronica Nikolaki represents WPI as the sole qualifier for the 2014 NCAA meet. This is her second year qualifying on both boards.


This is how the 2014 NCAA DIII National Championship shapes up after scoring out the psych sheet.

Standing School Invites Seeded Points
1 Emory 17 539
2 Kenyon 17 477
3 Denison 13 430
4 Johns Hopkins 12 384
5 Gustavus 6 234
6 Williams 9 196
7 Amherst 7 154
8 Chicago 9 154
9 Wheaton IL 11 139
10 MIT 9 136
11 Springfield 8 128
12 Claremont MS 10 96
13 Wash U. MO 10 95
14 Luther 4 71
15 DePauw 5 61
16 Rochester 6 58
17 Ithaca 1 53
18 UW-Whitewater 4 52
19 UW-Stevens Point 5 47
20 Hamilton 1 46
21 St. Thomas 4 44
22 Bates 4 43
23 Middlebury 4 41
24 Case Western 1 34
25 Hope College 4 34
26 Stevens 3 32
27 SUNY Geneseo 5 30
28 Connecticut 5 19
29 CMU 5 18
30 IWU 1 15
31 Kalamazoo 1 14
32 Mount Holyoke 1 13
33 NYU 5 13
34 UW-L 5 13
35 Grove City 4 10
36 Occidental 1 9
37 Rose-Hulman 6 9
38 Widener 1 9
39 St. Olaf 4 8
40 SUNY New Platz 1 8
41 La Verne 1 7
42 Pomona-Pitzer 4 6
43 Trinity U. 1 6
44 Whitman 1 6
45 Sewanee 1 4
46 F&M 1 3
47 Wooster 1 2
48 Carleton 1 1
49 Wesleyan 1 1
50 Colorado College 1 0
51 Mary Washington 2 0
52 Redlands 1 0
53 UWEC 1 0
54 Whitworth 1 0
55 Wittenberg 1 0

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I think you forgot the 200 Breast. Im pretty sure Emory has the top seed, and 4 other qualifiers!


“The group will be led by the lone senior, Taylor Kitayama, who has had a few years of experience at NCAAs.” This is senior Sarah Rinsma’s and senior Kylie Ternes’ fourth year swimming at NCAA D3 Champs also, both as selected Individuals and in Relays.

About Hannah Saiz

Hannah Saiz fell into a pool at age eleven and hasn't climbed out since. She attended Kenyon College, won an individual national title in the 2013 NCAA 200 butterfly, and post-graduation has seen no reason to exit the natatorium. Her quest for continued chlorine over-exposure has taken her to Wisconsin …

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