What is the Secret Ingredient to Jack Bauerle’s Success? (Video Report)

Over the years, Jack Bauerle has grown nothing short of an empire at the University of Georgia in Athens. He’s produced NCAA and SEC team titles, individual champions, Olympians, national teamers… the list goes on. So what is his secret to such sustained success?

SwimSwam asked two members of the UGA pro group, and current members of the USA national team, if they could put a finger on what exactly it is that Jack does so well. Having been with the team for a number of years now, both Nick Fink and Melanie Margalis gave insight into the man with the bulldog plan.

Margalis has known Jack since she was 8 years old, as he had come to her house to recruit her older brother (former national teamer and American record holder), Robert. She says the moment you meet Jack, you trust him. He has a way of talking to his athletes where he always has the right thing to say, for every athlete. She did mention that he doesn’t always act the same way around every athlete though, putting on slightly different faces around the women versus the men. Margalis couldn’t find an answer on how exactly he does it, but she did say it works.

Fink had similar praise for his longtime coach, delving into how charismatic and easy to talk to Jack can be, whether it’s about race strategy or NBA basketball. On Bauerle’s work ethic, Fink says that he definitely has a process, and that a few things have changed about that process since Nic arrived on campus. For the most part however, Jack’s methods have stayed the same since Fink’s time at UGA, and he’s seen success under them.

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Just a thought

You should identify Nick and Melanie in the video with a caption/legend or something. Not everyone watching the video will automatically know who they are.


Writing Kalisz’s college papers?




Does anybody know exactly what happen back then?


i couldn’t find a swimswam article on it, so here’s a pretty in-depth swimmingworld article (sorry swimswam) https://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/news/georgias-jack-bauerle-fined-suspended-nine-competitions-in-2014-15-season


Woah never knew that happened. Anyone know if it was a big story at the time?

Coach John
Years of Plain Suck

“Like” is Melanie’s favorite word!


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