WATCH: Michael Andrew Swim 18.91 in 50 Free at Columbia Sectionals


  • March 8th-11th, 2018
  • University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
  • 25 yard (SCY) course
  • Live results available on MeetMobile, search “2018 Region VIII Speedo Spring Sectionals”

18-year old professional swimmer Michael Andrew has already swum at least 4 best times in yards this week at the Columbia Sectional Championships, including an 18.91 in the 50 free on Saturday. That improves upon his best time of 19.17 done 3 months ago and makes him the 3rd swimmer in history to go sub-19 in the event while still an 18 & under.

Check out videos of the race, taken pool-side, below. That includes one done by Josh Davis, who broke the USMS American Record in the 45-49 age group with a 20.99.


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I mean that’s pretty good but WOW 20.99 as a 45-49 year old that’s unbelievable


That is a cool time.

Josh Davis

Thanks so much! Here’s the video of the race.



Double Arm Freestyle

I wish someone would teach him a straight-arm stroke; make him a tad more efficient and faster over the water.

Phelps swims 200 breast rio

Same here!


Its just so visible that his left arm could get some recalibration in terms of stroke efficiency . With his Height , he could be so much more efficient with a different efficient stroke .

Coach Mike 1952

His freestyle recovery – & accompanying resultant drag – may be one reason he drops off so much on the free leg of the 2 IM.


I believe Josh Davis does USRPT. Maybe there’s something to this Training Method?!


participated in a Masters swim clinic Josh and Jason L put on a few months back. Josh said he swims 30 or 40 50’s at race pace on a 1:00 …something like that as I can’t remember exactly …I watched him from underwater his stroke is still perfect, his arm pull is perfect, kick is very strong, he rides high in the water and his flip turns and underwaters are amazing…incredible talent but also a great person and ambassador for the sport! Josh puts on a great clinic and is very engaging with participants!


Josh Davis has a handful of Olympic gold medals and NCAA Championships to his name. His bread and butter event was the 200 free, which requires a delicate balance of speed and endurance, and a ton of gutbusting work and aerobic conditioning to be good at. I’m pretty sure he could be just as fast in any training program.


He only has 30-40 minutes of pool time a day and does 30X50 at race pace. 1:00 @:25 for yards and 1:10 @:28 for scm.


The point is that he’s already done the work. He went a 1:46 200m free in 2000, which would still be competitive today on the US National Team. As long as he’s stayed in great shape physically (which by all accounts he has) and continued swimming to maintain his stroke and feel for the water, he’s not going to fall off that much in a 50. He was a 200 swimmer who swam up to the 400 and won at Pan Ams and WUGs at that distance and down to the 100 where he was a fixture on relays.


Hello, I swim for Josh Davis in college. For us sprinters, we do more of RPT work. But we do do some USRPT work.

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