Watch An Emotional Cesar Cielo In Post-Race Interview


Video courtesy of Cristiano Ronaldo GolsHD YouTube channel.
*Video begins with race; Cielo’s interview begins at approximately the 1:46 mark

Despite clocking his 52nd sub-22 50m freestyle yesterday at the Maria Lenk Trophy, Brazilian sprinting legend Cesar Cielo came up short in terms of making his nation’s Olympic roster. Having scratched out of the men’s 100m freestyle event earlier in the meet, Cielo put all his attention on the men’s splash ‘n dash, which looked promising after his 21.99 prelim outing.

In the final, however, 29-year-old Cielo wound up in 3rd place overall, finishing behind winner Bruno Fratus and Italo Duarte. As such, Cielo will not be competing at this year’s Olympic Games.

This disappointment carries an extra sting for Cielo, as his home country of Brazil is the host nation of the 2016 edition and there was early talk of Cielo possibly being on the short list for Brazil’s flag bearer during the Opening Ceremony. The realization of this came to fruition during Cielo’s emotional interview, translated below:

“Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Brazil will go with the two best ones, good luck to them, I will cheer the best I can, that is it. I gave my all, I went with my family to the USA. But all the things like the blackout today… Everything affects, but is not an excuse…the two (Fratus and Ítalo) swam very well,the Brazil is good. I, on my part, I want to apologize from all of you, I was beneath the expectations of what I can do. I had a hard year last year, didn’t swim well today. It’s very hard to talk the way I talking today. Life goes on,the Brazil goes well, guys thanks!(…)They(his family) are the reason of all my conquests, Olympic gold, World Record. Sorry, dad, sorry, mother. This time, it didn’t work out.”

Cielo also said to the crowd, “I want to apologize to all of you. I gave it my all.”

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swim sport team
8 years ago

The best Cesar. The best dog.

french chien
8 years ago

You are the best. Forever.

8 years ago

Its time the young guns step up now …..his time is over

8 years ago

The cheater finally got what he deserves and will miss the olympics in his country. Thumbs up!

Reply to  oli993
8 years ago

Past is past, and what he did back in 2008, 2009 and 2013 are good enought for me.

8 years ago

I bet he could easily qualify int he 100 butterfly

8 years ago

His chest will be greatful.

Reply to  swimdoc
8 years ago

LOLLS Lovely one

8 years ago

Sad we won’t get to see him compete. He will be missed. And despite all the faults people will point out, he was loved by his country and had quite a run.

Icy hot
8 years ago

Should have swam the 100free….

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