WATCH: Cate Campbell Can’t Believe She Broke The World Record

Reported by Robert Gibbs: 

As if the Australian women weren’t already favorites enough in the 4×100 free relay in Rio,Cate Campbell broke the 100 freestyle world record in the finals of the Australian Grand Prix today.

Campbell, a month out from Rio and presumably at least not-fully-tapered, eclipsed the mark formerly held by Germany’s Britta Steffen by .01, swimming a new all-time best of 52.06.  Campbell had swam 52.97 in prelims.  By comparison, no U.S. woman broke 53 in the finals of the U.S. Olympic Trials last night in Omaha.

Steffen’s record was set at the 2009 FINA World Championships in Rome, one of many world records at that meet that ultimately led to FINA banning the so-called “supersuits.”

Today, Campbell went out in 24.89 and came home in 27.17, compared to Steffen’s 25.46/26.51.

Campbell already had the top time in the world this year, a 52.38 from the Australian Champs in April.  Her sister Bronte Campbell has the second fast time in the world this year, from that same meet.  Add in Emma McKeon, who’s ranked fourth in the world with a 52.80, and the Australians have three women faster this year than any woman besides Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom, who sits in third with a 52.78.

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Coach Mike 1952

Glad to see that super suit record finally go. But at the same time, as others have pointed out, doesn’t bode well for US Women’s relay.


Congratulations Cate Campbell – that is phenomenal.

As to what bodes well or not for the US relay – people need to stop with these ridiculous expectations. The Aussies are head and shoulders above the rest of the world in this event. They should win, and win big. And that’s life – someone is the best, and the remainder are not. If the US women bust their hineys, swim their best, and compete for a medal, that’s all that needs to “bode well”. Let them apply their own pressure – they don’t need to answer to any of us, sitting on our couches watching Rio unfold.


very well replied – I had enough hearing and reading those ridiculous expectations going on … we are not swimming in their suits or training like they do . They willl do very well according to the potential avaialble .

Attila the Hunt

I totally agree with this. I am sick of these armchair experts expecting swimmers to perform to their own fantasies, telling swimmers must do this don’t do that etc, having never competed once in their life.
Especially in this case comparing Weitzeil and Manuel to Cate, saying that Weitzeil and Manuel look like kids etc. they should swim 52 etc
C’mon, would you constantly compare other distance swimmers to Ledecky?
Why can’t Runge start swimming 3:58?
Why can’t Boyle start swimming 8:10?


“A gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you are not enough without it, you will never be enough with it” – great quote!


She seems so grounded. What a tremendous athlete.


Possibly for the women’s 4×100 relay to get under 3:30!!!!!!!!!!

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