Watch: Abbey Weitzeil Post 100 Free Press Conference


Abbey Weitzeil made her first Olympic team tonight by winning the women’s 100 free.   After securing her spot on the 2016 team, Weitzeil and coach Coley Stickels spoke with member of the media about the race, her decision to defer going to Cal for a year, and the upcoming Olympics.  Here are a few highlights:

Weitzeil on seeing that she had won:

When I saw the “1” next to my name it was a huge relief of, oh my gosh, I did it came to my mind. It’s something that I’ve been working for this entire year is for that race, and just to have the hard work pay off is just incredible.

On her decision to defer enrollment at Cal:

I already knew that I made the right choice. My career in swimming has already, you know, sky rocketed just by deferring from Cal, just staying with Coley here. I know it was the right decision, but for sure seeing the hard work pay off and seeing the deferment pay off was a huge, you know, relief.

About the Olympic relays:

Yeah, I mean, I know that we have some work to do relay-wise for the 400 Free Relay for women against the Australians, but, like I said, I think we’re going to put up a good fight…That will be a great race, and being the anchor on the Medley Relay, I’ve always been a relay swimmer! I love the pressure, I think it’s fun, I think they’re awesome, and I’m super excited.

Read the full transcript here.

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May I be reminded what was weitzel’s PB prior to the us trials?

And more importantly is there any race video available for international viewers?


53.77 I think??


That’s correct


DAMN SON. I did some calculations and the added total of all four female individual 100 winners is a 3:54. 2 seconds faster than the time the relay got at worlds and around the time that China won in.


Sorry Damn Son, not sure which worlds you are referring to? In Kazan Australia won in 3:31.48 The USA were 3td in 3:34.61


I was talking about the medley relay, sorry about that.

John haas

Great swim by Abbey. Very impressed with her. Cant wait to see her 50. Crazy speed and power.

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