Vlad Morozov Split 20.3 and Hasn’t Lifted Since June


Reported by Michael Hamann.

Men’s 4×50 medley relay Final

  • World Record: 1:30.14 – Italy – 3 NOV 2021
  • Championship Record: 1:30.51 – Brazil – 4 DEC 2014

Top 8 finishers:

  1. (Tie) Russia/USA: 1:30.51 (CR)
  2. —-
  3. Italy: 1:30.78
  4. Brazil: 1:31.91
  5. Egypt: 1:32.56
  6. Poland: 1:33.13
  7. Norway: 1:34.13
  8. Lithuania: 1:34.82

In a thrilling start to tonight’s finals, Russia and the USA tied both for the gold medal and the meet record, which was previously set in 2014 by Brazil. The Russians got out to the early lead with Kliment Kolesnikov’s 22.76 leadoff, American breaststroker Nic Fink put the Americans in the lead at the halfway point with a field-leading 25.13 split. Andrei Minakov and Tom Shields were separated by only.01 on the fly split, while Russia’s Vlad Morozov outsplit USA’s Ryan Held by .15 on the free leg to secure the tie. The American quartet for Shaine Casas, Fink, Shields and Held also set a new American Record in the process.

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1 year ago

God I love Vlad but where was this in the ISL := (

Bob Dobbalina
1 year ago

He is too inconsistent.

1 year ago

Vlad is about 30 years or close to it. You kind of plateau at some point in your mid to late 20s anyway. So his 5 months not lifting (but still do pro athlete workouts) at 30 is still stronger then 5 months not lifting at 22 or 24.

I also think a lot of these guys will overtrain certain exercises and this is allowing recovery.

Big chungus
1 year ago

Morozov hasn’t lifted since June and Matt Sates said on the podcast that he hasn’t lifted in 6 months… is there something to this non lifting strat?

Reply to  Big chungus
1 year ago

As with most things in life, it depends.

Reply to  Big chungus
1 year ago

I think for people as strong as they are, the strength gains from lifting probably are harder to come by, and are harder to balance with reducing size and reducing fatigue, both of which hurt performance and training in the water. Im with you on the idea that not lifting intensely is a good idea during much of the competitive season.

Reply to  Solpen
1 year ago

Key is too get as strong as you’re going to get. Vlad put in the work.

Big Mac #1
1 year ago

Talent is talent

Scotty P
Reply to  Big Mac #1
1 year ago

Meanwhile Ben Proud got a sick pump before his 50.

1 year ago

For the first time, my training matches Morozov’s. I haven’t lifted since June either.

Reply to  Bignowhere
1 year ago


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