2019 Pro Swim Series – Knoxville: Day 1 Race Videos

Watch the fastest heats of the distance freestyle races from Day One of the 2019 Pro Swim Series – Knoxville.

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Akaram Mahmoud Only Warmed Up 4 Minutes before his 800 (Video)

Thinking the event was slowest to fastest, Mahmoud ended up nearly missing his event and was only able to warm up for less than 5 minutes


Ashley Twichell has Trained Roughly 27K in the Last 2 Days (Video)

Ashley Twichell of TAC Titans shot out to the lead and didn’t look back, claiming the quickest time out of the first heat

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Practice + Pancakes: Mizzou Builds Lactate with 20×50 @ 2:00

the key as an athlete is being consistent, but that’s not always necessarily what happens.


Liberty Flames Soak Up The Florida Sun (Training Trip Vid)

Imagine the sun warming you as you count down the laps by watching Liberty University’s training trip video.

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Ryan Held Visits Indiana Pro Group in Latest Cody Miller Vlog

Sources tell SwimSwam that Held is currently shopping around for a pro group to join, putting Indiana’s pro group into the conversation.


Susquehanna River Hawks Take on Indian Rock (TRAINING TRIP VIDEO)

NCAA Division III member Susquehanna University just wrapped their 2018-2019 winter training trip at Indian Rocks, near Clearwater, Florida, and…

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East Carolina Rings in the New Year on Jupiter (Beach)

East Carolina University rang in the New Year with their annual week long training trip to Jupiter, FL. They will…


Yoga for Swimmers – Using Yoga to Increase Shoulder Mobility

This swimming-specific yoga shoulder mobility sequence is an incredible tool to open up through the shoulders in several different ways.


Start 2019 Off With SwimSwam Magazine – 2018 Year In Review

Start 2019 off with SwimSwam Magazine to inspire your swimmer, swammer, swim-fan or coach.

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2018 Swammy Awards: Top 10 Swims of the Year

As we wrap up our 2018 Swammy Awards, it’s time to look back at the top 10 swims of 2018.


WATCH: Cardinal Aquatics’ 3rd Annual Winter Training Trip Video

Cardinal Aquatics had fun in the sun in Sarasota, Florida.

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OFFICIAL TRAILER: A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim

Ahead of its February, 2019 release, Ed Accura’s documentary called “A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim” has its first trailer….


Practice + Pancakes: How to Turn Your Double into a Mini Meet

Coach Todd turned his double into a prelims/finals format test set that left the kids tired but kept them competitive. 


2018 Year in Review: Best of SwimSwam Interviews (Video Highlights)

SwimSwam compiled our 12 favorite video clips (roughly one for each month) to tell a story of the highlights in swimming for 2018. 

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