Video: Jack Conger Meets Jeff Kostoff After Breaking 30-Year Old Record

  2 SwimSwam | February 10th, 2013 | Featured

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  1. cynthia curran says:

    Gee, it took 30 years to brak the record, I guess not a enough swimmers put in the yardage. In 1983 it put you in the very elite of siwmmming.

    • coacherik says:

      Not sure if its necessarily the yardage that determined the record breaker. I am pretty sure there were plenty of boys who came awful close to this that did as much if not more volume then Mr. Conger from 83-13..

      Could be advances in training techniques, dry-land, nutrition, turning technique (pressing his chest into the turn) or underwater kicking (although there wasn’t ton in his race)?

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