Conger and Ledecky post the Fastest 500s in High School History [UPDATE with Race Video]

In May of 1983 Jeff Kostoff set the High School record in the boys 500 freestyle at 4:16.39. As of this morning it was the longest standing high school record in the books, but today a new streak began. Jack Conger, a senior at Good Counsel, lowered that mark by over 2 seconds with a 4:13.87 at the Metro Championships. He split :46.6-:51.1-:52.3-:52.9-:50.78. That first 100 split would’ve placed him 3rd in the 100 free at the meet.

In the next event Stone Ridge Sophomore Katie Ledecky lowered her own National High School and Age Group record of 4:33.14 (set yesterday in prelims) with a 4:31.38. That lowers the previous high school record, held by Kate Ziegler, by nearly 2 seconds and is the 3rd fastest performance all time behind Katie Hoff’s American Record of 4:30.47 and Dagny Knutson’s 4:31.18.

We’ll get you the full splits from that race and a full recap of the meet from Matt Rees who is at the meet in Boyds, Maryland.


  1. John Sampson says:

    Is there a video of ledeckys 500 too?

  2. walkman says:

    42.81 leadding off the 4×100 free…. new independent NHR if i’m not mistaken

  3. Bob says:

    By the 200 in his 500, he flipped a second and a half faster than the meet record (just to add to your statistics)

  4. NMorrell says:

    His 50 fly was way impressive, also he makes grown men squeal like little girls. I’m also surprised about the double breathing into and out of walls on the 500, is he unpolished or are him and Sun Yang onto something?

    • bodybyfood says:

      Noticed his double breathing, too. That must’ve been the one trick that kept me from breaking the record when I was in high school!

  5. Larry says:

    Unbelievable night from Ledecky and Conger. Ledecky already faster than NCAA record (and remember she is 10 seconds faster than mile NCAA one as well). Conger swims lights out and is always impressive. These 2 kids along with Missy and Murphy are the ones to watch…bright future leaders of USA Swimming Natl Teams.

    • Daniel Barth says:

      Ledecky is already beating those NCAA times and she’s only a Sophomore… Unreal.

      • Garry says:

        What do you think she’ll do in terms of college?? Oh wait, she still has some time to figure it out. Only a sophomore….woah

      • bobo gigi says:

        Katie is olympic champion so it’s not surprising she beats high school or NCAA times. She’s in her world. She’s a class apart.

        • bobo gigi says:

          And will she go to college? She can also turn pro.

          • swimmer says:

            I say Cal or USC, maybe Florida or Georgia. Cal is cal, and it has Yuri who could maybe become an assistant for both the men and women. USC has Urb, who Katie did phenomenally with in London and Vogt (seems to know how to do distance). Florida and Georgia are your more classic distance training programs and she does not seem afraid of that.

  6. bobo gigi says:

    Thank you, swimswam works again well for me.
    Back to this incredible meet. Thank you for the videos. I just watched them. I’m now completely deaf. But it was for a good cause. Incredible atmosphere in this pool, incredible noise too. It must help the swimmers.
    Congrats to these 2 champions! Overall the results are very logical. Jack swam the 500 free we could expect from him. And he was broken for his 100 back. However, I’m impressed by his 42.81 after all his races. We can ask us the following question : is backstroke still his best stroke? I repeat again he reminds me of Yannick Agnel. I’m sure Jack can become a great 200 free swimmer. I already see him around 1.46/1.47 in long course this summer and it will help very much the American relay. But France will win! I predict, when he will have more strength and he will be physically mature, he will swim 1.43 in 2016 and will be the main rival of Yannick Agnel in this race. And Yannick Agnel needs rivals because he’s absolutely alone now.
    Katie has swum a great 200 free. She continues to take speed. I repeat I see her around 1.56 this summer in long course and she will be in the 4X200 free relay. And it’s also important for her 400 free against Camille Muffat and Allison Schmitt. What a race it will be between these 3 girls! Don’t forget I predict 4 gold medals for Katie in Barcelona! The 400 free will be the most difficult race for her. I’m impressed by her 4.31.38 after her 200 free. She’s a beast! And we can also appreciate all the incredible American records the another Katie (Hoff) has made. Her 500 free, 1000 free and 1650 free records are still alive. 4.30.47, 9.10.77 (the most impressive for me) and 15.24.35 are amazing times and only Katie Ledecky can beat them all in the next years.

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