VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dwyer plans to increase focus on 400 IM, pair it with 400 free

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7 years ago

Glad to see that Dwyer’s training has made him confident enough to get in touch with his feminine side and show it publicly.

7 years ago

OK that makes more sense, thanks 😉

bobo gigi
7 years ago

Kalisz and Clary will be the 2 US guys for Rio in the 400 IM.
Best race for Dwyer is by far the 200 free. And his best world or olympic medal chance on individual is by far in the 200 free. Behind Agnel, it’s very open until 2016. He can also qualify in the 400 free and the 200 IM but without medal chances. We’ll see.

7 years ago

You’re wrong Bobo.

Internationally the 4IM is much more open vs the 200 free (no one beating Agnel). Dwyer can overpower Kalisz and finally take down that Japanese duo who’ve been left the door open now that phelps and lochte are out.

Strategically it’s very smart of Bowman for more US medals and utilizes a lot of untapped talent from Dwyer.

Reply to  Matthew
7 years ago

I don´t Think Pereira will give up the 400 IM for Rio… and He can probably go at least his 2012 time if not better…

Bobo.. I don´t think Behind Agnel is very Open.. I think we will see Sun in the 1:43 high range.. so maybe be a battle for 3rd spot..

bobo gigi
Reply to  Matthew
7 years ago

I disagree but it’s the debate.
I don’t talk about this year but in the long term. 2015 and 2016.
First I think that behind Agnel, it’s very open. Dwyer has the potential to swim around 1.44.50 and it can be enough for a silver medal.
Second, I think that Clary and Kalisz can swim 4.06/4.07 and I don’t see Dwyer able to do it. Perhaps I’m wrong. It’s just a feeling.
And third, I think you underestimate a lot Kosuke Hagino. He was dead in Barcelona on the last day of the meet after a stupid schedule. So don’t judge him with that race. Hagino is a great talent.

bobo gigi
Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

Rafael, you’re perhaps right. 🙂
I’m updating my time prediction for the 200 free silver medal around 1.44.00. Sun Yang can do it but Conor Dwyer can do it as well.

7 years ago

Why did he say that Chase Kalisz is at NBAC? I though Kalisz was at UGA, at least through the end of the school year.

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