Video: Germantown Academy Puerto Rico Training Trip

It’s that time of year again in the swimming community: training trip season. Besides the sore muscles and killer tanlines, one thing swimmers can always count on bringing home is an awesome trip video to show family and friends.

Although many college and club training trips come after Christmas, legendary club program Germantown Academy has gotten ahead of the game by having their training trip before the holiday. Their video was posted on December 24th, featuring equal parts work and fun. The video captures the carefree spirit that comes with a trip to paradise in order to practice the sport you love.

The video was filmed and edited by Greg Callahan and Towson commit Tommy WhitmanOther Germantown swimmers who have verbally committed to swim for D1 programs next season include sprinter Ryan Torie (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), fly and distance freestyler Lauren Henasey (Georgetown University), and fly and IM’er McKensie Meyer (Villanova University).

The Germantown Academy Aquatic Club in Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania (outside of Philadelphia) has produced several Olympians, including 1988 silver medalist David Wharton. It is currently led by head coach Jeff Thompson.

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5 years ago

Looks like a blast. Coach Thompson is a tremendous leader and will undoubtedly continue Germantown’s tradition with class and integrity.

Kevin F
5 years ago

That certainly looks like fun all right. I wish those kids all the best. That’s a really well made video.
Coach Thompson, however, needs to come clean. Class and integrity? Somebody call Indiana.

Reply to  Kevin F
5 years ago

First of all, how this an appropriate place to question the class and integrity of a coach? In doing that, you’re showing that this is an obvious case of the pot calling the kettle black.
I’ve know Jeff since the very beginning of his coaching career, and there was never a moment when anyone here in Indiana questioned his integrity or thought he did anything without a tremendous amount of class. Jeff was thought very very highly of across the state (and especially where he coached), and he is missed. It’s a shame that so many of you can’t see past your own noses to realize that you have such a great person right there to lead GA.

Reply to  Indiana
5 years ago

Indiana, doth protest too much methinks

5 years ago

Too bad he only remembers the kids he wants to!! Ashame I left the team. All you had to do was stay!! I knew you were trouble when you walked in!!

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