USA Swimming’s COVID Relief Round Two Sends $1.5M To 627 Clubs

USA Swimming says it provided more than $1.5 million to 627 clubs as part of the second round of the COVID-19 relief program. Between USA Swimming, its 59 LSCS, and the USA Swimming Foundation, more than $9 million were sent to pandemic relief in the sport, according to USA Swimming.

In April, with the sport of swimming mostly shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic, USA Swimming pledged $1 million to helping support member clubs. That constituted round one of the USA Swimming COVID-19 relief program, which ultimately ended up distributing almost $1.5 million in grants to the 317 clubs that applied.

Then in May, USA Swimming announced a second round of COVID-19 relief, with applications due in July. That second round saw the number of applying clubs nearly double to 627 clubs. USA Swimming says it distributed $1,524,253 to clubs in that round of relief.

In total, between the two rounds, 722 clubs requested and received funding. That means about 222 clubs would have requested and received funding in both rounds. The 722 clubs receiving the grants represent about 24% of USA Swimming‘s roughly 3,000 member clubs nationally.

Meanwhile, the USA Swimming Foundation and the 59 LSCs (regional governing bodies within USA Swimming) provided about $6 million, as USA Swimming reports that $9,040,000 went to the swimming community from the combination of USA Swimming, the USA Swimming Foundation, and the 59 LSCs.

Swim clubs have resumed training and competition in many areas, though pandemic restrictions like social distancing and group size limits still remain.

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