UC-Santa Barbara Swimmers Disciplined for Hazing

According to a local Santa Barbara newspaper, the Noozhawk, members of the University of California, Santa Barbara’s swim teams are facing a temporary suspension after a hazing incident earlier this month.

All non-freshman, non-first-year-transfer members of the men’s swim team will be suspended from two competitions this season, while all non-freshman, non-first-year-transfer members of the women’s swim team are suspended from one competition during the 2016-2017 season.

The university received the report of hazing at the beginning of the month, and an investigation from the university’s office of judicial affairs and the athletic department confirmed the reports. The investigation found that excessive alcohol consumption was involved.

All UC- Santa Barbara swimmers will also have to complete a hazing awareness education program. In addition, the swimmers may be further disciplined at the end of the investigation.

“Both the University and the Department of Athletics take this issue extremely seriously,” said the UCSB office of judicial affairs press release, “And we are committed to maintaining a safe environment for our entire campus community.”

It is unclear whether the team will stagger the athletes’ meet suspensions or have the swimmers sit out the same meet(s).

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Sigh. ATTENTON: College athletes reading this – By definition, you are supposed to be smarter than the average – you are in college! It takes a high degree of cognitive ability to earn a college degree (or so we thought) – use your head! The university system isn’t going backwards here. The safe spaces you’ve demanded on campus also include freshmen that don’t want to drink or feel uncomfortable doing so – learn it!


“It takes a high degree of cognitive ability to earn a college degree” HAHAHAHAHAHA


Using partial quotes – part of the problem, definitely not part of any solution.


I quoted what I found funny, no need for the whole thing. I certainly wasn’t trying to reach any solution…

No Surprise!

Well, well, well, this is no surprise. This team has done this for quite some time. It’s about time they were caught. They make it very hard on the kid who refuses to participate so it goes unreported…….. Hopefully the new recruits and transfers won’t have to endure what others have. You work hard to get recruited, you are welcomed to the team excited to be a part of it all and you are subject to this crap. Not a good way to start your college career having such high hopes and excitement to only be put through the ringer by the upperclassmen. Real team bonding experience? I don’t think so, it just shows you who not to trust and… Read more »


“they make it very hard on the kid who refuses to participate so it goes unreported” interesting discussion, as someone who swam four years for UCSB, I can say that I did not participate in anything that made me feel uncomfortable because our seniors kept an open line of communication and had our back. “This team has done this for quite some time” yes, i would imagine that team bonding and partying has existed since the first year UCSB had a swim team. Sooo, are there decades worth of ruined youth as a result of this “hazing”? You should come by our alumni weekends and see what percentage of the people feel or ever felt “like you really picked the… Read more »

No Surprise!

We are not talking about “the good ‘ol days” college experience, we are talking about hazing. I agree with Jake, this team is not focused on preforming at an elite level unless you want to call their partying that. And I’m glad INTERESTING had such a great time at college and maybe when he was team captain it was great…good for you. But we are talking about apples and oranges here – voluntary partying, yes it’s college have a good time, take chances, experiment and then there is hazing. Being made, pressured, expected or told to do something uncomfortable or against someones beliefs at the best or even worst. I think “INTERESTING” knows some of those traditions have crossed the… Read more »


What specifics do you know? Who was “forced.”? What activities were not voluntary? How was this different than “the good old days.” Sounds like you know more than the article does. Perhaps you could fill us in ? Are you jumping to conclusions? Did you read how I thought this could have been handled differently? On that note, again, these are young adults (old enough to go to war), everything they do everyday is voluntary. Finally, as it relates to performance, go ahead and take a look at SB swimming history and tell me another team that has done as well with no funding. In fact, I bet the swimmers at Cal and Auburn and other powerhouses don’t drink/party at… Read more »


What college swim team has their “whole travel team on a full ride”? If so, their travels teams are very small.


Apologies, coming from a program where funding was stunted, we traveled with a very small team. Seems everyone on a fully funded travel team has the possibility to be on 2/3 scholarship, if they bring 21 swimmers. The point is the drastic difference in quality of athletes and athletic programs between an underfunded program like SB and fully funded programs like Cal. Not to mention the money that goes into facilities/programs used by the swimmers in fully funded programs.
On that note, whats your point ? Do fully funded programs not have advantages over programs like SB? Do these powerhouse programs not drink/party ?


All teams go to/host parties in college athletics regardless of caliber. This includes those elite level teams like Texas, Florida, and Cal.


Guess we won’t be looking at that college.


Actually, now would be an excellent time to look at that college. You can bet that they’ll be dialing the “bonding” activities waaaaaayyyyy back in the future!


Or any of them?


I have an idea. Stop doing stupid stuff.

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