Olivier Leroy

Improve Your Underwater Fly Kick with this Creative Set

Ready to drop some serious weight on your underwater fly kick? Today’s swim practice will have you working on the speed…

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How to Kick Faster with Boilermaker Aquatics

Chad Dillon, the head coach of Boilermaker Aquatics, realizes the importance of doing a lot of kick during swim practices…

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How to Improve Your Kick with the Mesa Aquatic Club

Want to improve you kick? Here is a workout and a kicking drill from Paul Smith, owner and director of coaching of the Mesa Aquatics Club one of the top age group and masters programs in the country and hosts of the annual Mesa Grand Prix.

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Improve Your 200 IM with the “Quarters” Set

Got a fever to level up your 200m individual medley? Brandon Converse of EGRA has just the prescription with his “Quarters” set.


5 Things You’ll Never Hear a Successful Swimmer Say

The things we tell ourselves matters. Here are 5 things you’ll never hear a successful swimmer tell themselves.


10 Things You Will Learn About Yourself from Swimming

Over the course of your career swimming will teach you a lot about life, and about yourself. Here are 10 such things you will learn via our favorite sport.


6 Questions to Ask to Make Yourself a Mentally Tough Swimmer

Being mentally tough in the pool is something you can work on. Here are 6 questions to get you started.


Be Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready

One of the most overlooked aspects of a swimmer’s training is the way that they prepare. Will you be ready to swim fast?


8 Ways To Make This Your Best Swimming Year Yet

Here are eight ways to make this your best year yet.


Why Swimmers Should Breathe Bilaterally at Practice

Here is how bilateral breathing can help clean up muscle imbalances, stroke errors, and even give you a tactical advantage during races.


7 Quotes for the Struggling Swimmer

Having a hard time staying on track with your goals? Feeling like you are starting to lose direction, focus or even meaning in regards to your swimming?


8 Questions Every Swimmer Should Ask Themselves

Olivier Poirier-Leroy has 8 questions that swimmers should ask themselves every day.


7 Things Smart Swimmers Need to Stop Doing

Our swimming is a collection of habits, both good and bad. With that in mind, here are 7 habits that smart swimmers need to ditch.


Misty Hyman Dethrones “Madame Butterfly” at the 2000 Sydney Games

In 2000 at the Sydney Games Misty Hyman defeated hometown favorite and world record holder to capture gold in the 200m butterfly. Here is how it went down.


Bruce Hayes vs. The Albatross and the 800 Relay Glory of 1984

Before Lezak’s heroics in Beijing there was Bruce Hayes and his epic relay leg against the most dominant swimmer of the 1984 Olympics, West Germany’s Michael Gross.


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