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Misty Hyman Dethrones “Madame Butterfly” at the 2000 Sydney Games

In 2000 at the Sydney Games Misty Hyman defeated hometown favorite and world record holder to capture gold in the 200m butterfly. Here is how it went down.


Bruce Hayes vs. The Albatross and the 800 Relay Glory of 1984

Before Lezak’s heroics in Beijing there was Bruce Hayes and his epic relay leg against the most dominant swimmer of the 1984 Olympics, West Germany’s Michael Gross.


5 Things Most Swimmers Aren’t Ready to Do to Swim Fast

Sure, being excellent and awesome and a top athlete might look fun. But if we have spent any time around someone considered elite, we know that it requires some things that aren’t so fun, like, hard work and stuff.


8 Michael Phelps Quotes to Get You Fired Up

Here are 8 inspirational quotes from the G.O.A.T. to get you motivated to swim your best the next time you hit the pool.


5 Epic Swim Sets You Should Try At Least Once

Here are 5 swim sets to push, challenge and improve your swimming from some of the top swimmers and coaches in the world.


11 Things to Remember When Taper Starts

In theory, tapering should be fairly straightforward for swimmers. You come down in mileage, up the quality efforts a little bit here and there, fine tune the technical aspects of your training, and then smash your personal best times at the big goal meet.


5 Things All Swimmers Fear

Swimmers have a specific set of fears when it comes to competing. Here are 5 of them we all experience.


12 Things Non-Swimmers Say to Swimmers

For those in our lives that don’t share our commitment to the chlorinated life it can be difficult to understand exactly what it is that we do.


7 Things Fast Swimmers Do That You Should Do Too

What can we learn from these swimmers who perform at a consistently high level?


16 Things Your Swim Coach Likes to Say

Good swim coaches bring out the best in their athletes. Here are 16 things swim coaches say when on deck at the local pool.


5 Fixable Mistakes Coaches Make With Their Swimmers

Coaching swimmers to their full potential is tough. Here are 5 mistakes swim coaches make in developing their athletes.


What to Do When You Are the Slowest Swimmer in Your Group

Here’s why being the slow kid in the lane can actually greatly work to your benefit when you stop out on deck.


What Does It Take to Become a Champion?

Recent research sought out to see what commonalities elite athletes possess. Here are 5 things that top achievers do that “almost champions” don’t.

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How to Be an Awesome Swim Parent

We all want the best for our swimmers. Here’s some ideas for how to be the best swim parent you can be.

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Phelps vs. Hackett: Two All-Time Greats Go At It In Practice

In 2003, while both were dominating their respective events on the international level, the two swimmers got together for a 5-day freestyle training battle royale. Here’s what happened.


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