Olivier Leroy

How to Use Visualization to Swim Like a Boss

Top athletes use visualization to help them swim at their maximum at crunch time. Here is how to use this skill for your own swimming goals.


How to Master the Process of Becoming an Elite Swimmer

If you really want to accomplish your goals in the pool you need to stop focusing on them and instead work on crushing the process. Here’s both your why and how.

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Swimmers: How to Have a Better Attitude & Sleep Better at Night

A simple and proven way to better sleep and faster swimming is expressing some gratitude. Here is how it works.

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The #1 Reason Age Group Swimmers Should Journal Their Workouts

Age group swimmers are learning a lot as they progress through the ranks. Here’s how journaling their workouts will help teach one of the most important lessons swimming has to offer.

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7 Tips for Swimmers to Develop the Action Habit: #1 Expect Resistance, Lots of It

Struggling to gain traction with your swimming? Here are 7 tips to pick up the action habit with your swim goals.


10 Excuses Only a Swimmer Could Use to Get Out of Practice

Swimmers are a talented bunch, and this extends well beyond the pool. Here are 10 typical excuses swimmers use to bow out of practice.


16 Swimmers You See in Practice

We spend an hilarious amount of time swimming back and forth between the lane lines with our teammates. Which of the following 16 best describes your teammates?


The Science Behind Setting Better Goals in the Pool

Michael Phelps has never been shy about having big goals. Here is how to make this proven process work for you and your swimming as well.


8 Reasons to Keep a Swim Log

Elite swimmers know the value in tracking and monitoring their progress. Here are 8 reasons you should be keeping a swim log.


What Is The One Thing You Can Do to Swim Faster This Year?

Being great in the pool isn’t about being excellent at 10 or 20 things. Usually, it boils down to figuring out what that one thing is for each swimmer.

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5 Things You Will Take Away From Swimming

Olivier Poirier-Leroy is a former national level swimmer based out of Victoria, BC. In feeding his passion for swimming, he…


8 Things to Help You Get Psyched Up

Michael Phelps (pictured above) is one, but the rest are all personal…all about you.


3 Proven Ways to Use Self-Talk to Become a Better Swimmer

Research has shown that the self-talk we use is tied to how we end up swimming in the pool. Here is your guide to mastering this skill so that you can self-talk your way to becoming a faster swimmer.

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Ryan Lochte: “One of the Hardest Sets I’ve Ever Done.”

Ryan Lochte’s work ethic in the pool is second to none. For #TBT we are going show a set from 2012 he describes as one of the hardest he has ever done.


NCAA and World Champion Josh Schneider’s Favorite Sprint Set

US National team member Josh Schneider shares one of his favorite sprint sets for you fast-twitch swimmers out there.


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