Olivier Leroy

What to Do When You Are the Slowest Swimmer in Your Group

Here’s why being the slow kid in the lane can actually greatly work to your benefit when you stop out on deck.


What Does It Take to Become a Champion?

Recent research sought out to see what commonalities elite athletes possess. Here are 5 things that top achievers do that “almost champions” don’t.

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How to Be an Awesome Swim Parent

We all want the best for our swimmers. Here’s some ideas for how to be the best swim parent you can be.

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Phelps vs. Hackett: Two All-Time Greats Go At It In Practice

In 2003, while both were dominating their respective events on the international level, the two swimmers got together for a 5-day freestyle training battle royale. Here’s what happened.


Why You Should Be Counting Your Strokes in Practice

When less is more; why swimmers should be counting their strokes during swim practice.


The Myth of Having to Be Motivated to Train Hard

Motivation isn’t a prerequisite for training like a certified boss. Here is why it is okay to be unmotivated at times.

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The Swimmer’s Struggle: 5 Reasons This Setback is Just What You Needed

It’s easy to think the worst of ourselves when things don’t go the way we planned. But if you’re really serious about achieving excellence in the water, this setback may turn out to be exactly what you needed.

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Pablo Morales and His 8 Year Wait For An Individual Olympic Gold

Everyone loves a good comeback story, and there are fewer more heart warming than the tale of Pablo Morales and his gold medal winning performance at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.


12 Ways for Swimmers to Build Unstoppable Confidence

by Olivier Poirier-Leroy. Join his weekly motivational newsletter for swimmers, coaches and parents by clicking here. We see the top…

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Your Actions Swim Faster Than Your Promises

Talking a big game and making excuses in the pool is easy. Succeeding, on the other hand, isn’t. Here is what you need to know about swimming fast and excuse-free.

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15 Reasons to Work Hard in the Pool Today

Work hard, play hard? Here are 15 reasons to punch today’s workout in the mouth like it stole your lunch money.

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5 Reasons Swimmers Should Jump Rope

Here is how incorporating skipping into your training can help you develop into a more powerful athlete in and out of the water.

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The Real Reason You Didn’t Swim as Fast as You Wanted at the Big Meet

When things don’t go well at the big meet it can be easy to get down on yourself. Here is what you should be doing instead.


7 Struggles of Being a Backstroker

The struggle is real. Here are 7 of the strugglies that backstrokers face in the pool.


5 Things You Learn About Yourself By Tracking Your Swim Practices

Writing out your training has been shown to have a myriad of benefits in performance and consistency. But the benefits don’t stop there. Here are five of the things you learn about yourself when you start writing out your workouts in the water.

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