Thomas Ceccon World Record Photo Vault: The Mustache That Rocked Budapest


Thomas Ceccon of Italy shocked Budapest tonight setting the new world record in the men’s 100 backstroke, clocking a 51.60 to take out the mark of 51.85 that Ryan Murphy hit back in 2016 at the Olympics.

Ceccon, however, may have had an extra help in his world record performance: his mustache.

The 21-year-old Italian, showed up in Budapest with this particular feature, which, if you remember, also brought good luck to another backstroker: Coleman Stewart, who, in Italy, in Naples, set the World Record in the 100-meter backstroke in the short course (48.33)

Cali Condors (CAC)
ISL International Swimming League 2021
Match 6 day 2
Piscina Felice Scandone
Napoli, Naples
Photo Giorgio Scala / Deepbluemedia / Insidefoto

It’s probably the air in Italy, the good food, or maybe it’s just the mustache

Will anyone grow a mustache tomorrow? Let us know!

Ceccon Thomas courtesy of Gian Mattia D’Alberto LaPresse


Thomas Ceccon courtesy of Gian Mattia D’Alberto LaPresse


Ceccon Thomas New World Record in men’s 100 m backstroke
courtesy og Fabio Cetti

Thomas CECCON, Ryan Murphy, Hunter Armstrong
courtesy of Fabio Cetti

Thomas Ceccon
Swimming 2022 FINA 19th World Championships Budapest Budapest, Duna Arena 06/19/22 Photo Fabio Cetti

2022 FINA World Swimming Championships Budapest Budapest, Duna Arena 06/19/22 Photo Fabio Cetti

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1 year ago

Straight out of Top Gun

1 year ago

Was this man not fully shaved down?!

Sir Swimsalot
1 year ago

Did he even shave his chest? Dude is built different

John Naber
1 year ago

The last American to win both Olympic backstrokes and also earn a medal in freestyle also had a mustache and was…. oh wait. 🙂

1 year ago

When asked about his moustache by a Russian coach prior to the ’72 Olympics, Spitz’ reply was that his moustache didn’t slow him down, and that it even deflected water away from his mouth, providing the streamlining necessary to swim as fast as he had at the US Olympic Trials earlier that year.”

1 year ago

I’m saying mustaches give super powers you got Nestor Cortes on the Yankees and now this guy

1 year ago

Paltrinieri also had one when he swam 14:33 in 2020

1 year ago

King Kyle was rocking a mustache for his 46.6 on Day 1

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