The Stache Says Phelps Will Swim the 400 IM

  28 Braden Keith | June 24th, 2012 | News, U.S. Olympic Trials

In his pre-Trials press-conference, Michael Phelps quipped that we would know if he was planning on swimming the 400 IM if the ‘stache was gone on Sunday.

Well, we seem to have gotten our answer. Phelps posted the above picture earlier today of before-and-after shaving his face, and there’s little reason for him to shave Sunday if he’s not going to swim Monday (the 400 IM is the only event he’ll swim.

So we still haven’t heard the words come out of his mouth “I am swimming the 400 IM”, but going by Groundhog Day rules, the ‘stache is gone, so we’ll declare that the nuclear winter of the Clary-Phelps-Lochte IM is on.

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Looks like Day 1 heat sheets are up and Katie Hoff is out of the 400 IM.

So Hoff is opting for the 4free?

John Sampson

this is scary. hopefully her 400 tapers better than shanghai. i was hoping to see the IM queen reclaim her crown!

Well he is on the psych sheet for the 4im tomorrow and Lochte ia on the 4im and 4free which surprised me. Gemmel, Dwyer, PVK in the 4 free, not both

correction: lochte and gemmel in both. Not Dwyer and PVK

Ryan is probably using the 400free as a warm down. I guess the official warm down pool might be too crowded for his taste.


That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read… Okay, maybe not but it’s up there in the top20 😉


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