Day 1 Heat Sheets Posted: No Hoff in the 400 IM

  16 Braden Keith | June 24th, 2012 | National, News, U.S. Olympic Trials

USA Swimming has released the day 1 psych sheets, and no surprise – Michael Phelps is entered in the 400 IM.

The most notable entry is that the Gator Swim Club’s Conor Dwyer is choosing the 400 free over the 400 IM.

Katie Hoff will also scratch the 400 IM, which is a real shock after how much time she’s dedicated to the events the last few months.

Ryan Lochte, surprisingly, will also be in the 400 free, though most speculation is that this will be a warmdown swim for him. There’s no real reason for him to want to swim this double at the Olympics.

The full psych sheet can be found here.

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Justin Thompson

I hate to say it but in hind sight Hoff should have stayed with NBAC. She’s bounced around to a few clubs since then and something else has be going on considering where she was at 4-5 years ago.


The “Lochte is probably using the 400 free to warm down” is the most riduculous thing I’ve ever heard. As if he’d prefer to warm down in front of everybody instead of using the warmdown pool available to him, not to mention all the extra energy and time wasted on going back and forth to the competition pool when he could be resting up for finals

Can someone verify that it’s kind of illegal to do this? I mean, when it is possible to scratch the event, it is illegal/unsportsmanlike to coast through a race

It’s fully legal. Probably not so much as what you would think of as “warm down”, but just not 100%-ing the race.

You probably haven’t done much swimming if you’ve never seen someone back off a race they are entered in during a competition if they have bigger fish to fry in another event. Happens all the time at meets of different levels, for someone of Lochte’s level it really isn’t that hard of a stretch to imagine that he will either DFS or use it to prepare for this evening.

What are these stupid numbers of lanes? From 0 to 9! Why not from 1 to 10? It would me smarter. And it would be easier to watch.

The lanes are numbered that way so that in finals they end up numbered 1-8. They do the same in most 10 lane pools, including at the Olympics.

Ok, thank you for the explanation.


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