The Most Popular American Swimmers Ahead of the Paris Olympic Games

Courtesy of SwimOutlet, a SwimSwam partner.

  • Katie Ledecky is the most popular American swimmer ahead of the Paris Olympics- with an average 99,625 monthly searches across the US
  • Caeleb Dressel is the second most hyped swimmer- with an Instagram following of 627,000
  • Newly qualified swimmers Bella Sims and Katie Grimes rank in the top 20- beating several other established competitors

A new index study released by SwimOutlet reveals the most popular American swimmers ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The swimming experts have analyzed 91 American swimmers’ and ranked them against two determining factors to receive a score out of 100.

Rankings are based on each swimmer’s Instagram followers and average US monthly search volumes to reveal which athlete is receiving the most hype ahead of the big event.

The most popular American swimmers

Rank Name USA Swimming Club Number of Instagram Followers Search Volume ( Average Monthly in US) Index – Overall
1 Katie Ledecky Gator Swim Club 603,000 99,625 99.90
2 Caeleb Dressel Cali Condors 627,000 27,992 95.67
3 Ryan Murphy California Aquatics 195,000 60,908 94.88
4 Cody Miller Sandpipers Of Nevada 143,000 8,489 85.95
5 Emma Weyant Gator Swim Club 47,900 16,441 83.74
6 Michael Andrew MA Swim Academy 220,000 3,558 83.21
7 Regan Smith Sun Devil Swimming 90,800 6,075 82.43
8 Lydia Jacoby Seward Tsunami Swim Club 112,000 3,553 80.61
9 Lilly King Indiana Swim Club 135,000 3,057 80.57
10 Kate Douglass New York Athletic Club 46,200 7,216 79.88
11 Alex Walsh Nashville Aquatic Club 50,400 3,558 76.79
12 Katie Grimes Sandpipers of Nevada 30,500 4,058 74.57
13 Claire Curzan Alto Swim Club 38,300 2,691 73.72
14 Bobby Finke St. Petersburg Aquatics 47,800 2,058 73.44
15 Gretchen Walsh Nashville Aquatic Club 27,300 3,396 72.92
16 Bella Sims Sandpipers of Nevada 29,500 2,933 72.61
17 Carson Foster Mason Manta Rays 29,500 2,333 71.32
18 Erica Sullivan Longhorn Aquatics 31,400 2,022 70.88
19 Leah Smith Longhorn Aquatics 39,200 1,545 70.60
20 Torri Huske Arlington Aquatic Club 29,000 1,939 70.14

The Gator Swim Club’s Katie Ledecky is the most popular American swimmer, scoring 99.90 out of 100 in the index.

With seven gold medals and three silver, she has 603,000 Instagram followers and an average of 99,625 searches per month across the US.

Ledecky swims several different races, including the 200, 400, 800, and 1500-metre freestyle and the 400-metre individual medley.

The second most popular swimmer is Caeleb Dressel, who achieved a score of 95.67 out of 100. Dressel specializes in freestyle, butterfly, and individual medley events and represents the Cali Condors in the International Swimming League.

He has an Instagram following of 627,000 and is searched by Americans an average of 27,992 times per month.

Ryan Murphy, who scores 94.88 out of 100 in the index, ranks third. He swims for California Aquatics.

Receiving an average of 60,908 monthly searches across the US, Murphy has 195,000 Instagram followers and four gold medals, one silver and one bronze.

In fourth place is Cody Millerscoring 85.95 out of 100. Competing for Sandpipers Of Nevada, Miller has an Instagram following of 103,000 and an average monthly search volume of 8,489 across the US.

Miller currently has one gold medal and one bronze. Since the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Miller ranks fourth in the 100 breaststroke. He’s only a few hundredths behind Nic Fink (59.95) and Michael Andrew (59.98) so far this season.

Emma Weyant placed fifth, another Gator Swim Club participant. Scoring 83.74 out of 100, Weyant currently has an average of 16,441 monthly US searches and 47,900 Instagram followers.

At the 2020 Olympic Games, she won a silver medal in the 400 IM with a time of 4:32.76.

Michael Andrew, Regan Smith, Lydia Jacoby, Lilly King and Kate Douglass round out the top 10 most popular swimmers.

Alexander Sienkiewicz, CMO of SwimOutlet, has commented on the study findings:

“The US Olympic swimming team has historically performed exceptionally well in the Olympic Games, winning numerous medals. The team’s success has attracted attention and support from fans.

“Major sporting events like the Olympics receive extensive media coverage, which helps elevate the profiles of athletes and teams. As the US swimmers benefit from this exposure, supporters build more hype leading up to the 2024 games.

“Swimmers like Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz, Katie Ledecky, and Missy Franklin have become household names and role models for aspiring athletes.

“Now with new, upcoming swimmers such as Alex Walsh, Emma Weyant, Gretchen Walsh, Bella Sims and Katie Grimes, fans are interested in watching their journey and boosting their profiles ahead of July.”

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Phelps Phan
15 days ago

Katie Ledecky could be in the same level as Dara Torres and Jenny Thompson

HOO love
15 days ago

Emma Weyant seems higher than one would expect. Assuming this is due to her 2nd place finish in 2022 NCAA 500 free

Summer Swim Fan
Reply to  HOO love
15 days ago

She has a swimsuit line

15 days ago

Lmao can’t wait to see Ryan Murphy shoot up in an updated article because of all of the thirst trap TikTok’s I keep seeing of him since trials

15 days ago

This feels like AI generated content

Last edited 15 days ago by KoiFish
Post grad swimmer
15 days ago

Big congrats to Bella for qualifying!

1500m Free Semifinals
Reply to  Post grad swimmer
15 days ago

Maybe this is looking into the future when Bella makes 9 individual events (1 final each night) in her glorious ascent for the LA 2028 games ^_^

Citius Altius Fortius
16 days ago

This was clearly done before trials as Gretchen has roughly double the followers now

Reply to  Citius Altius Fortius
15 days ago

This is searches, not followers of an account.

16 days ago

Is there any info on how they calculated the search volume? The really high search volume for ryan Murphy might be driven by the other ryan Murphy who is a big time writer and director

Former Coach
Reply to  Towelie
16 days ago

It depends on the search. If there is ambiguity in search intent, then the volume will be inaccurate. However if these scores are calculated with identifiers, like “Ryan Murphy Swimming,” the results should be more accurate.

Reply to  Towelie
15 days ago

That makes a lot of sense. I was wondering why Murphy would be so highly searched (no shade to him, he is very successful but also been on the scene since 2016…)

Reply to  Boomer
15 days ago

Why is he highly searched? Look at him!

Swim Fast Swim Pretty
16 days ago

And they say D-Lane gets no love. Ledecky reigns supreme!

Last edited 16 days ago by Swim Fast Swim Pretty