Teri McKeever Receives Big Raise in Latest Contract Extension

The new contract extension for Cal women’s swimming & diving head coach Teri McKeever, which officially took effect on January 1st, 2020, will see her annual base salary rise to $242,500 through April 30th, 2024. That comes in addition to a number of potential performance bonuses (many of which are very high probabilities to happen).

In 2018, McKeever’s base salary was $200,978, in addition to $14,000 in “other pay” (usually bonuses). The Cal men’s swimming & diving team’s head coach Dave Durden had a base salary of $206,925 in 2018, which totalled to $260,675 when “other pay” was included.

By further comparison, in 2004, McKeever’s base pay was $77,970, meaning that her salary has more than tripled in the last decade-and-a-half.

During her career at Cal, which is now in its 28th season, McKeever has led Cal to 4 NCAA and 4 Pac-12 team championships. In 2019, they were the NCAA Championship runners-up, which was their 11th-consecutive top 3 finish. She was named the 2019 CSCAA National and Pac-12 Coach of the Year, and was inducted into the Cal Athletic Hall of Fame.

Among many international appointments, McKeever was the head coach of the 2012 U.S. Olympic women’s swimming team.

Maximum Performance Bonuses:

  • Pac-12 Coach of the Year – $2,000
  • National Coach of the Year – $3,000
  • Coach is named to Olympic or World Championship Coaching Staff – $3,000
  • Student-Athlete named to Olympic or World Championship team – $2,000
  • Per Individual American or World Record Broken – $3,000
  • Team Wins Pac-12 Championship – $4,000
  • Per Individual or Relay NCAA Title – $2,000
  • Team finishes in Top 4 at NCAA Championship – $13,000
  • Team finishes in Top 2 at NCAA Championship – $12,000
  • Team wins NCAA Championship – $10,000

McKeever’s Base Pay by Year:

  • 2011 – $140,268
  • 2012 – $140,268
  • 2013 – $143,190
  • 2014 – $158,609
  • 2015 – $169,617
  • 2016 – $173,704
  • 2017 – $180,720
  • 2018 – $200,978

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Deserves 350 at minimum. Several making more than 240 with fewer Nattys (if any).


And the football coach?

M d e

Let’s not compare NCAA swimming to football.

Teri deservas to be paid like an elite swim coach, not an elite football coach.


True Dat. However, props to her.


props. lol football (rugby)

Brian M

I am sure Teri is not complaining. I would take her salary and the UC Retirement she is grandfathered in to over what other schools may be paying. If she retired tomorrow, she would get at least 75% of that salary FOR LIFE. Assuming Teri has a normal life expectancy, she is a millionaire many times over.


She is drastically underpaid… I know swimming doesn’t generate a ton of money but, she is winning national titles.🤷🏻‍♂️What is Durden making?


They definitely deserve equal pay at least both have too many nation champion and Olympians to count


Maybe read the article? Almost exactly the same base salary (actually, now Teri is higher)

PNW Swim Mom

Swimming sadly doesn’t generate any money. Programs operate well, well, well into the red


It’s in the article.


Answer my own question he is making $215,000. What the hell? She’s been there decades longer than he has.


“(S)he’s been there decades longer than (s)he has.”

Please, no one ever use this argument in a salary negotiation.


Dave has just as many NCAA titles

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