Team Elite To Offer College Contingency Team (CCT) For 2021

by SwimSwam Staff 3

August 10th, 2021 News

Press release is courtesy of Coronado Swim Association-Team Elite (CSTE)

After forming a successful partnership between Team Elite Aquatics and Coronado Swim Association less than one year ago; Coronado Swim Association-Team Elite (CSTE), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit competitive swim team, formed their College Contingency Team. The team was developed to provide a training option for college swimmers looking to drive their athletic aspirations forward during the 2020-2021 season, and the program proved very successful. The program brought 32 gap-year, collegiate and postgraduate swimmers together to create a high energy training environment, watch a video from CSTE’s 2020 College Contingency Team (CCT) – CSTE’s 2020 CCT Team.

Heading into the 2021 Fall season, many swimmers are looking to take a gap-year, wanting another year to prepare for their collegiate ambitions, while some post-grads are wanting another year to challenge themselves in the pool. CSTE is preparing a second season for our College Contingency Team in Fall of 2021 specifically designed for this niche cohort of swimmers.

CSTE is searching for highly motivated gap-year, postgrad and ISL athletes for our 2021 CCT roster. As we bring the Team Elite Pros alongside our CCT program, Coach Javi Sossa, Executive Assistant Coach to David Marsh has been selected to lead the 2021 CCT Program for CTSE. Coach Javi will be supported by several prominent coaches throughout the season. “I am so excited to be more in a leadership role this year. We will have many Pro and ISL athletes coming in and out of the program. That’s a great plus for our CCT athletes. Additionally, we will have coaches like Peter Linn and Joey Garcia contributing so our coaching staff is also improving. Add the Coronado and San Diego living environment to the mix and it can’t get better than this.” Coach Javi previously coached at the college level under Dr. Sam Freas before joining Team Elite Aquatics.

“I consistently have college athletes reaching out and asking for opportunities to train with us in beautiful San Diego to help advance their swimming careers. The College Contingency Team continues to be the answer to their requests. We have selected highly experienced coaches ready to lead this team and our athletes to the next level.” Coach Marsh, Team Elite Aquatics Head Coach and Strategic Vision Officer for CSTE. “The College Contingency Team has proven to be a unique opportunity for athletes to grow physically and mentally. We want to provide a high performance team environment for young college swimmers who are eager to reach their full potential. I am excited to allow Coach Javi to lead the CCT program this year, he has grown tremendously as my assistant and it will be fun to watch him take the lead on the development of the athlete.

President and CEO of CSTE, Peter McVey said, “Partnering with David Marsh has been incredible, the program he and I have only begun to build has been such a rewarding experience as we watch our swimmers reach their athletic goals. We continue to look for opportunities to bring a unique and energetic training program to our athletes. Our hypothesis of being better together could not have been more true. Our College Contingency Team was a great opportunity to surround our younger athletes with positive role models in our sport. We are thrilled to be able to offer the program again this Fall.”

Helping to foster well-rounded excellence, CSTE believes in providing a technique-focused swimming environment that encourages its athletes to reach their full potential, both in and out of the pool. If you are a high school senior looking for a gap-year program, post grad wanting more, or a swimmer looking to break into ISL, CSTE has begun taking applications for the 2021 College Contingency Team, and there is a limited number of spaces, to apply online visit

About Coronado Swim Association – Team Elite (CSTE):
CSTE began in 1963 as CNSA (Coronado Navy Swim Association), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit competitive swim team and a proud member of the USA Swimming organization. CSTE’s professional coaching staff has offered unmatched technical instruction and year-round training for all ages, from beginner to elite level swimmers. Catering to Coronado and its surrounding neighborhoods, CSTE prides itself on providing a goal-oriented atmosphere that inspires character, confidence and excellence.

About Team Elite Aquatics:
Team Elite Aquatics was one of the of the first professional swim groups and since 2007 the group has consistently had an impact on swimming at the highest international and Olympic levels. Team Elite Aquatics was founded and is run by legendary coach, David Marsh. Team Elite’s athletes are also looking to build a legacy of excellence by working with the local community.

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Chris Nissen
2 years ago

The 2020 CCT was a success thanks to the leadership of Coach Troy Nissen. I am sure Coach Marsh will agree.

Reply to  Chris Nissen
2 years ago

No. There was zero seasonal plan. Different coaches every day. No planned taper for a mid season meet. It was a disaster.

It was spring break for a bunch of kids who couldn’t go to college. Sad.

Reply to  Imagine
2 years ago

This criticism is untrue! This was a great program whose strength was its large and experienced coaching staff. If you ask anyone who was a member of the team they will agree. Go CCT!