Tanja Kylliainen breaks Finnish National 400 IM Record at Indiana Midwest Classic

Louisville Cardinal standout Tanja Kylliainen rolled to a 400 IM win at Indiana University’s “visitbloomington.com” Midwest Classic meet, breaking a national record for her home country of Finland in the process.

Kylliainen, a rising senior at Louisville, cut nearly three second off her own personal best, lowering the record she already owned from 4:48.70 to 4:47.07. Her previous best time was done at the Charlotte Grand Prix in May.

She went out well with a 1:06.18 on butterfly, her best stroke, but was perhaps most impressive in how she closed the race – with a 1:05.6 freestyle split.

That 4:47 should give Kylliainen a decent shot at making the final at the European Championships later this summer. In 2012, that time would have gotten her 7th out of prelims, though in 2010 it would have been 11th.

Full results of the meet, which took place over the weekend in Bloomington, are available on Meet Mobile under “IU visitbloomington.com Midwest Classic.”

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Heikki Laakkonen
6 years ago

Great swim,Tanja!one error about this news:Tanja’s old Nation Records was:4:48,70.Swimmed in Charlotte,May 16th 2014

bobo gigi
6 years ago

With that time she’s now 28th European performer of the year.
There are already 7 girls under 4.40.
I presume she wasn’t tapered for that meet so she will probably swim faster in August but it seems very hard for her to make the final at the European championships.

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

remember that only two? to finals per one country so count multiples out of that 28

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