Oleg Matytsin

President Putin Orders ROC To Put Forth Proposals On Russian Participation In Paris

Putin wants to know what Russian participation at the Olympics will look like so he can make a final determination on if he’ll send athletes to Paris or not.


Russia Uses Sport to Solidify Ukraine Positions as Internal Revolt Grips Nation

Russia absorbed 22 sports federations in its illegally annexed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) last week, including swimming.


Beyond the Lane Lines: Drew Kibler Takes On Grand Marshal Role

Get your fix on new happenings outside the pool with Beyond the Lane Lines, this time featuring U.S. Olympian Drew Kibler.

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U.S. Joins 35 Countries Calling to Ban Russian and Belarusian Athletes from Paris 2024

Of the 35 countries who attended Friday’s meeting, only Greece, France, and Japan objected to the absolute exclusion of Russian and Belarusian athletes.


Il CIO Potrebbe Autorizzare Gli Atleti Russi Che Non Supportano La Guerra

CIO sta valutando la possibilità di permettere agli atleti russi di tornare a gareggiare,a patto che non sostengano l’invasione dell’Ucraina

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IOC Could Allow Russian Athletes ‘Who Do Not Support the War’ to Return

Evgeny Rylov is currently serving a nine-month suspension from all FINA-sanctioned competitions and activities for appearing on stage at a pro-war rally.


Amidst Russian Reservist Call-ups, International Sports Training Camps Canceled

The Russian Ministry of Sports has banned all training camps set to take place abroad, following an announcement of a 300,000 military reservist call-up.


La Gran Bretagna Non Parteciperà Alle Universiadi 2022. Le Ragioni

British Swimming si ritira dalle Universiadi per la mancanza di garanzie sulla rimozione della delegazione russa e bielorussa dall’evento

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British Swimming Pulls Out Of World University Games

“British Swimming continues to condemn the atrocities being committed on the people of Ukraine,” impacting the organization’s decision to withdraw from WUGS.


Presidente FISU Revocato Dalla Carica Finchè Durano Sanzioni Russia

Il presidente della Federazione Internazionale Sport Universitari (FISU) Oleg Matytsin si farà da parte dal suo ruolo finchè eran sanzioni

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La FISU Rinvia Le Universiadi Invernali Del 2021 A Data Da Destinarsi

La FISU (Federazione Internazionale dello Sport Universitario) ha annunciato che i Giochi Universitari Mondiali Invernali del 2021 saranno rinviati.

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Ex Direttore Laboratorio Nazionale Russo Antidoping: Nulla E’ Cambiato

Ex direttore del laboratorio russo Antidoping ha rilasciato un’intervista alla BBC. Afferma che nulla è cambiato e che gli atleti Dovrebbero essere esclusi

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La Russia Non Riaprirà I Centri Federali Di Allenamento

La Russia ha deciso che non riaprirà i centri federali di allenamento. L’isolamento durerà almeno fino all’11 Maggio. Si rivaluterà a Luglio

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Russia Won’t Reopen Federal Training Centers in May, Minister Says

Russian’s Ministry of Sport held a video meeting with the countries sporting federations, discussing the resumption of normal training.

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Finswimming Now FISU Recognized Sport

Following the recognition in May of Dance Sport and Flying Disc, FISU has accepted the application dossiers submitted by four…

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