Lisa Pou

2023 French Championships: Day 5 Finals Live Recap

It’s 400 IM day for Leon Marchand, as the reigning world champion takes on his best event with a chance to extend his winning streak to five in Rennes.


Anastasiia Kirpichnikova Può Ufficialmente Rappresentare La Francia

Anastasiia Kirpichnikova, medaglia ai Campionati Mondiali e campionessa europea in vasca corta, può ufficialmente rappresentare la Francia

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Anastasiia Kirpichnikova Cleared To Represent France At 2023 World Championships

The Russian-born swimmer will represent France in open water at the 2023 World Championships and could add some pool events to her schedule next week.


The Loophole: Why Swimmers Might Not Have to Wait 3 Years to Change Citizenship

Russia native Mark Nikolaev (pictured) is hoping to switch to Australian sporting nationality, which would bring much-needed depth to their backstroke group.


Cambio Di Nazionalità Sportiva: L’Ambito Di Applicazione Delle Nuove Norme

La modifica delle regole sulla cittadinanza sportiva ha creato confusione sull’ambito di applicazione. Vediamo gli ultimi casi

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Lisa Pou Switching Sporting Nationalities From France to Monaco

After training with the AS Monaco club for more than a decade, Lisa Pou said she has “received a lot of support from the people that believed in me here.” 


La elegibilidad de Kirpichnikova, en problemas

Aun no está confirmado que la nacida en Rusia pueda representar en Francia. Mientras tanto, Lisa Pou habría elegido competir por Mónaco en el futuro.

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Kirpichnikova Si Qualifica Per Fukuoka, Ma World Aquatics Dissente

Anastasia Kirpichnikova, cittadina francese appena certificata, si è qualificata per i Campionati Mondiali del 2023, ma World Aquatics frena

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Anastasia Kirpichnikova’s Eligibility for France Unclear After 2nd-Place Finish in 5K

World Aquatics indicated on Sunday that Anastasia Kirpichnikova would not be eligible for this year’s World Championships, contrary to the FFN’s hopes.


Russia Native Kirpichnikova Attains French Citizenship, Barely Misses Worlds Spot in 10K

Anastasia Kirpichnikova became the first Russian woman to participate in pool and open water swimming at the Olympics two years ago in Tokyo.


Los franceses Fontaine, Olivier, Pou y Cassignol, clasificados a Fukuoka 2023

Etapa muy importante de la temporada de aguas abiertas. En Aux Anses-d’Arlet, Martinica, este sábado y domingo, los franceses disputan buena parte del año.

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FINA Ultramarathon Swim Series 2021: Jouisse, Occhipinti Win 36km in Italy

France’s Caroline Laure Jouisse and Italy’s Alessio Occhipinti won the 36km races at the Capri-Napoli leg of the 2021 FINA Ultramarathon Swim Series.

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Fina Ultra Marathon: Alessio Occhipinti Vince La Capri/Napoli

Si è svolta ieri la seconda tappa della FINA ultra Marathon nella storica cornice della Capri/Napoli. Vince Occhipinti, Ruffini 3°

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Olivier & OW Newcomer Kirpichnikova Impress At French Open Water C’ships

The 2020 French Open Water Championships concluded in Jablines, with the fields limited in the number of participants due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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Retour sur les Championnats du monde 2019 d’eau libre avec Stephane Lecat

Objectifs, préparation, Jeux Olympiques… le directeur de l’Equipe de France d’eau libre Stephane Lecat revient avec nous sur les Championnats du monde 2019

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