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Assassinato Shinzo Abe, L’Ex Primo Ministro Che Portò I Giochi A Tokyo

L’ex primo ministro Shinzo Abe, un politico considerato fondamentale per la vittoria di Tokyo ai Giochi Olimpici del 2020, è stato assassinato

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Japan’s Former PM Shinzo Abe Remembered For Olympic Games Commitment

Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a key Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games proponent, was assassinated on Friday, July 8th.

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Mark Stockwell Falls Short In Bid For Australian Olympic Committee President

Stockwell, a three-time Olympic medalist, is married to recently-named Swimming Australia President Tracy Stockwell (née Caulkins).

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Bronte Barratt Nel Comitato Organizzatore Olimpiadi Brisbane 2032

La nuotatrice olimpica Bronte Barratt è stata eletta rappresentante degli atleti del Comitato Organizzatore dei Giochi di Brisbane 2032.

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Bronte Barratt To Rep Athletes on Brisbane 2032 Olympic Committee

Bronte Barratt has been elected to serve as the athlete representative on the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games Organizing Committee.


Japanese Newspaper, Olympic Sponsor, Pushes for Tokyo Cancellation or Delay

Olympic sponsor the Asahi Shimbun published a staff editorial yesterday urging the Japanese Prime Minister to either cancel or delay the 2020 Tokyo Olympics


Le Olimpiadi Si Faranno Anche Con Tokyo In Stato Di Emergenza

Le Olimpiadi si svolgeranno anche con Tokyo in stato d’emergenza. Inoltre, si fa strada l’ipotesi di ammettere spettatori

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IOC Further Confirms Games to Take Place This Summer, Some Fans May Attend

With professional soccer and baseball games played in front of fans in Japan, voices calling for minimal Olympic attendance have begun to grow.


Tokyo 2020 Round-Up: Games Will Go Ahead ‘Even in State of Emergency’

The IOC has this week confirmed that the Olympic Games will ‘absolutely’ go ahead even if Tokyo remains in a state of emergency.


Brisbane City Council Officially Approves 2032 Olympic Bid

Pending government paperwork, the IOC could name Brisbane the official host of the 2032 Olympics as soon as July.

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Brisbane Si Candida Ufficialmente Per Ospitare Le Olimpiadi 2032

Il consiglio comunale di Brisbane ha approvato ufficialmente la candidatura della città per ospitare le Olimpiadi e Paralimpiadi del 2032

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Premier Giapponese: Le Olimpiadi Si Faranno Anche Con La Pandemia

Le Olimpiadi si svolgeranno a Tokyo questa estate anche con la pandemia ed anche senza un vaccino disponibile. Le dichiarazioni

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Japanese PM Suga: “We Are Holding The Olympics This Summer”

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga reiterated once again last week that his nation’s intention is to indeed move forward with hosting the Games.


Olimpiadi: Procedono I Preparativi Ottimismo Per Il Vaccino

I preparativi per le prossime Olimpiadi di Tokyo procedono a pieno ritmo e si stanno implementando le misure di sicurezza

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IOC Says Tokyo 2021 Preparations Are Going Full Steam Ahead

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is continuing preparations by planning safety protocols with the expectation that the 2021 Tokyo Games will happen.

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