SwimSwam Breakdown: Texas/NC State, Russia/Belarus in Asian Games, & 24 Trials Picks

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss the Texas/NC State dual meet, Russia and Belarus swimming in the 2023 Asian Games, and SwimSwam’s wild 2024 Olympic Trials predictions. See full list of topics below:

  • 0:00 SwimSwam Breakdown Introduction
  • 1:02 Texas vs NC State
  • 6:44 Russia & Belarus Swimming in the 2023 Asian Games
  • 13:19 Luxembourg Euro Meet 16:32 Atiba Wade in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”
  • 21:57 Ryan Hoffer Retires


  • 28:06 Are qualifying times that are faster than national records work?
  • 32:08 50 Free or 200 IM for Michael Andrew?
  • 36:20 Crazy 2024 Olympic Trials Picks

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1 month ago

My 2024 Trials Hottest Takes

Claire Tuggle finally hits her stride, going 1:57.2 in the 200 Free making the team.

Kayla Han throws down a 4:34 mid 400 IM making the team behind Grimes (4:30.3).

Reply to  Eli
1 month ago

I actually like this as a hot take for once

Reply to  Eli
1 month ago

Will a 1:57 even make the team in 2024?

Reply to  Troyy
1 month ago

We’re in trouble if it does. Would think Gemmell, Sims, Weinstein are all locks to be under that. Would like Madden’s chances of getting back under, then fairly confident we see a couple others pop, particularly Grimes, Shackell, Hartman, O’Dell, etc. I’m assuming Ledecky doesn’t swim 3 rounds individually at trials.

Reply to  oxyswim
1 month ago

Ledecky skipping the 200 after they rearranged the schedule for her? lol

Yeah I’m thinking if Ledecky swims it the top 4 will be sub 1:56 and it’s easy to envision at least another 2 sub 1:57.

4th Place Braden Fan
1 month ago

Is 4th Place Braden interviewed on the Pod?

Steve Nolan
1 month ago

Lol, Eddie Hall is the British strongman y’all were thinking of.

He’s overstated how good he was as a junior – always made it seem like he was destined to be an Olympian, where like…eh – but definitely pretty elite. Also looks hilarious swimming now, because he’s the weirdest shaped ripped dude in the world.

Reply to  Steve Nolan
1 month ago

Supposed to be switching to body building so maybe after sliming down for that he does some swimming?

1 month ago

Konstantin should be sent to prison if the Frog Kings change their name!

1 month ago

Peanut Gallery:
This podcast should have been released tomorrow on Groundhog’s Day. Last week ASU vs Cal was “the best atmosphere for collegiate dual meets ever”. Now this week, Texas vs NCST is the best atmosphere for dual meets”.
Braden says he has been high on Kelly Pash since 21 Trials yet doesn’t pick her in his Picks even top 6 100/200 frees where 6 go for relays?!?! High on someone but doesn’t pick them….covering all your bases? And then wants her to stick around to 2028?

Atiba Wade. What impresses me is that he he starting his stunt work in his 40’s!

Ryan Hoffer- an awesome career without question. Not every elite swimmer is going… Read more »

Not-so-Silent Observer
Reply to  Ghost
1 month ago

From observation, it appears that some top tier teams use last chance meets to give those swimmers who were not selected for conference teams, to go and have a chance to qualify for NCs. Yes most often they don’t score, but I am sure sometimes there happen to be heavy taper swimmers who pull off massive swims and can make it into a B final or alternate 17/18th place spot. Which is invaluable experience and then can go onto becoming scorers in coming years.

Reply to  Not-so-Silent Observer
1 month ago

Yes I agree that they might get someone to score but also the person being bumped out of the meet might have scored also?

Reply to  Not-so-Silent Observer
1 month ago

This is true, but lately we’ve seen a movement toward “first chance” meets as well, getting good swims in a week out in case something goes wrong at Conference.

1 month ago

Your analogy that British Swimming setting national records as qualifying times is like an American needing to swim 49.2 to qualify for the 100 fly at Worlds falls down when you think for just a second that some of British Swimmings national records are around the time you’d need to swim to final/top 5 instead of America for example where a national record could be close or over a world record, I don’t see how you guys are so flabbergasted that they’d like to send people who have a chance of medalling rather than just accepting the fina A cut and then wasting time funding an average swimmer who does a PB but goes out in the heats

Reply to  Coco
1 month ago

I think most people would consider making an Olympic Final to be an incredible lifetime achievement in the sport. To be denied that opportunity simply because you don’t have a realistic chance of finishing higher than 5th to save funding seems… I dunno, less than great.

1 month ago

MA isn’t just having to choose between 50 free and 200 IM but also 100 fly and 200 IM so it’s really a choice between 50 free/100 fly and 200 IM.

Thursday, June 20
W 200 Butterfly Final
M 200 Backstroke Final
W 200 Backstroke Semi
W 200 Breaststroke Semi
M 200 IM Semi
M 50 Freestyle Semi

Friday, June 21
M 50 Freestyle Final
W 200 Backstroke Final
M 200 IM Final
M 100 Butterfly Semi
W 200 IM Semi

Reply to  Troyy
1 month ago

def should be 50 free/100 fly IMO. Casas, Foster lookin like forces on the upswing

Reply to  owlmando
1 month ago

Agreed. Sacrificing two chances to make the team for the 2IM is too risky with how the 2IM is evolving right now.

K Chilly
1 month ago

Interesting takes on the Russia topic. It seems like the IOC is being optimistic by letting Russia join the qualifiers. But if Russia uses Olympic success for propaganda to the degree that Braden says, it is hard to watch the IOC give Russia any sense of national pride or any indication that the world thinks what is happening is okay.

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  K Chilly
1 month ago

Of course Russia uses the Olympics for propaganda. Putin was feuding with Mariya Lasitskene for years then as soon as she wins the gold medal he congratulated her and celebrated her. Last year while the rest of the world was shocked that Kamila Valieva was allowed to compete despite testing positive for banned substances, Russians didn’t care about that at all. There was widespread media and public outrage that Valieva was kept off the podium despite falling on her ass throughout the long program.

The athletes should not be a consideration at all. Not 1%. To allow Russia and Belarus to compete would essentially sanction terrorism and slap Ukrainians in outright mockery of their cause.

Reply to  K Chilly
1 month ago

Couldn’t Russia just host her own qualification meat or would Fina not sanction it even that was a within Russia?

To me, that would be the easy solution without Lynn compete in meat. Stay, in some cases shouldn’t even be qualified for.(Belarus)

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