Swimming’s TopTenTweets: It’s a Marsh Thing

We’re back with swimming’s top 10 tweets, where we round up the best of the swimming Twitterverse. From the plight of swimmer hair to IU’s unreal breaststroke group, scroll to see what made the cut!


We can’t see, so we’ll assume they all have max weight on their racks.


I think we’re all in agreement: let’s just skip to March.


It’s not easy to find pictures that combine swimming and football, but USA Swimming nailed it.


The IU breaststroke crew did more breaststroke in one practice than we’d care to do in a lifetime.


A true work of art.




Neither do we, Maya. Neither. Do. We.


Paging Matt Grevers! (Daniel Roy, a Stanford commit, is a full foot shorter)


Most accurate tweet… of all time?


Like father like daughter. Side note — does anyone have more fun coaching than David Marsh?

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Double Arm Freestyle

Whenever I see stuff about what the IU Breaststroke crew does i just get more and more convinced we’re gonna see something special from Lilly in March. She’s been swimming pretty fast in these dual meets and she’s usually not too fast in season. I think she’s gonna be unstoppable in the breaststrokes with top-5 potential in the 200 IM.


I agree about the breaststroke, but it is going to take insane times to go top-5 in the 200 IM. Eastin and Baker will both be 1:51, there are three other people already at 1:53 (Pickrem, Haughey, Seidt) andtwo others who have been 1:53 in the past (Small, Hansson) While I could see King dropping to a 1:54 high, it may take a 1:54 low to A-final let alone make top 5.

Double Arm Freestyle

I know it seems a little out there, but she went 4:13 in the 400, and we know she’s more speed based than endurance. Plus she was already 1:55.9 in december when she was only 59.1 and 2:10.9. I may be very wrong, but I got a gut feeling she has a really good 2IM coming up.


“Does anyone have more fun coaching than Dave Marsh?” The Super Bowl for that question would be Dave Marsh vs. Eddie Reese.

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