Swimming’s TopTenTweets: 15 Years Ago…

We’re back with swimming’s TopTenTweets presented by Arena, where we round up the best of the swimming Twitterverse.

Featured Instagram Post of the Week:

A suit deal and a last-minute Worlds berth; what a week for Ella Eastin!


That whiteboard is a work of art.






Genuinely a very good logo.




*or in the 2018 Short Course Worlds Pool (click here for reference).


A+ teammates.


(But if they’re really getting beaten by the Coco Gauff of swimming, they should consider it an honor).


Missed races, broken goggles, ripped suits, miscounting; if you can name it, a swammer has had a nightmare about it.


Might just start watching this daily.

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A few thoughts…

1)Congrats Amanda Weir!!! Who has the record for most trials appearances? Dara Torres?
2)How does Chase still not have a suit deal?

3)”When my college swimmers whine about being beaten by tiny 15 yrs olds off season- meets” LOL “off season meets”? How about Nationals and OT’s

4) Re Phelps…although not shown in that video…Phelps’ underwaters improved drastically between 04 and 08. If you watch his trails from 2000 its even more dramatic.


Steve Nolan

Re:4 – There was a dude in a brief and a dude in a full body suit in the same race! Lololol. Also just watching Malchow in that hurt my shoulders a lot.


At this point I don’t even know if Chase wants a suit deal(come on chase).


My money is he will sign with MP suits when their new suit comes out.


Real swim fans know that first set is actually Grant Hackett’s, not Cody Miller’s

Jon Nap

7) Imagine if the USA Swimming Logo had “stars” for every World Championship won, just as the US Soccer National Team’s logo does? Would be interesting to see.

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