Swim Mom: 11 Things I Miss About Swimming

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April 18th, 2020 Swim Mom

Courtesy: Elizabeth Wickham

With “shelter in place” going on for more than 30 days, I really miss swimming. I miss my Masters team and being a swim parent. I wonder when we will return to the pool? A month ago, I was upset to hear our team was no longer allowed to practice in the pool because “groups” weren’t allowed. Then the pool closed completely. Not long after that, the schools closed down, too. Swimming has been such a big part of our lives that it’s a strange adjustment to be without it.

Here are eleven things that I didn’t realize I would miss about swimming and can’t wait to experience again:


The sounds of kids laughing, diving and splashing during swim practice.


Peaceful early mornings watching the sky lighten as the sun rises over the pool.


The faint smell of chlorine on the pool deck and how the odor lingers in our car with wet towels and gear on the drive home.


The pride of volunteering at home meets where we all come together to create a successful event for the community. It’s something that no individual could pull off alone.


Swimming during a rainy day with steam rising off the water.


Jumping into the cool water, feeling peaceful being afloat and the sounds muffled when I’m underwater.


The unbelievable feeling when I finish a workout and am so tired but happy.


The friendships with other swim parents and the understanding and empathy we share through the entire swim experience, both good and bad.


The excitement of high school season — from dual meets to the league and state championships.


I miss swim meets, participating in them, and also watching age group and college swimmers race.


I miss my swim friends, my Masters teammates and coaches. I can’t wait to get back to practice with them.

What do you miss most about swimming and swim parenting?

What other tips do you have for swim parents during the championship season?

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Elizabeth Wickham volunteered for 14 years on her kids’ club team as board member, fundraiser, newsletter editor and “Mrs. meet manager.” She’s a writer with a bachelor of arts degree in editorial journalism from the University of Washington with a long career in public relations, marketing and advertising. Her stories have appeared in newspapers and magazines including the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Parenting and Ladybug. You can read more parenting tips on her blog.

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1 year ago

I miss everything. My son is a YMCA swimmer, so they never got to swim Y-Nats. No national championship. I just hope they get to swim something – anything – before the end of summer.

1 year ago

I am over in the UK and haven’t swam now since 19th Match..I cannot tell you how much I miss swimming, and to be honest we aren’t allowed to swim anywhere in the UK , such as the sea etc at this present time.
I swim daily usually, but finding it hard to keep up my flexibility and fitness without being in the water..my joints are aching! I’m feeling like an old croc!, Swimming keeps everything flowing and moving! I don’t take an6 pain relief as the swimming takes all pain away.
I cannot wait to get back into the pool..that’s if I can get in as there’s going to be a big queue for it!
I… Read more »

Mama O'Riley
1 year ago

My daughter was 2 tens of a second away from a zone time in the 50 back for 9/10 yr olds. Zones were called off the day of a last chance meet. She moves up to 11/ 12 for summers swim, with really high hopes for the season after being the winter team MVP. Now summer season is canceled and who knows when we will get back to the pool. I worry fall/winter will be no better. I fear we will lose a lot of kids if we go 12 months without our sport. I miss all of this so much.

1 year ago

It really stinks. I love watching my son swim. He has only been swimming for 3 years and last year was his break out year. I was really excited for Cali’s sectional and State championships. Both Cancelled. He was targeting several section records this year and after his 1:37 200 free at last years meet anything was possible. It’s just said, especially for the seniors and their families.