Steve Bultman is always raising the bar at A&M

  16 Garrett McCaffrey | November 22nd, 2012 | College, News

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cynthia curran

Another advantage to attract people to Texas, a suburb like Mission Viejo in California its Texas verision the housing would ranged from 200,000 to up to 500,000 cheaper for a house.

cynthia curran

Well, Texas benefited because they had stricter loaning laws than California, Florida and Nevada and Arizona so no housing bubble. Also, it has benefited a lot from energy wealth like states like North Dakota as well. The disadvantage is South Texas is one of the poorest regions since its rural and next to Mexcio and California also has the same problem in regard to its Central Valley which is rural as well.

Bultman is an incredible coach – in the purest sense. He takes swimmers, some already fast, some not so fast, and gets them much faster. He seems to be capable with distance, sprint, and all the strokes. The only thing missing for A&M is slightly better recruiting. Some of these girls choosing other schools with a bigger name really should take a harder look at A&M. Maybe A&M needs to do a better job selling the university.


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