Steve Bultman is always raising the bar at A&M

by Garrett McCaffrey 16

November 22nd, 2012 College, News

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is there a more underated coach out there? you look at his top 3 swimmers (and he has a lot more)…Henry, Breeja, and Camille….were any of them superstar recruits coming out of high school? they were good, not not ones that every school went after?!

I think what’s unreal is the number of swimmers that come back from major surgeries to succeed. Julia wilkinson had major shoulder surgery then won an NCAA title. Kristen Heiss had major shoulder surgery then came back ad a first team all-American. Cammile ha major shoulder surgery before her freshman year. Now Henry and Ibanez.

To answer your question joeb – Adams was 4th at worlds trials in 2009. Though not a mega recruit simply because she doesn’t swim relay races, I guess. Henry was a top 10 recruit but because of the ACL probably snuck through. Larson was a 1:04 breaststroker.


A & T was always well known for its divers – although it took some time to get rid of the Russian Gulag mob.

A & T’s recent rise in fame is due to Rick Perry & his best mark – a C in Animal Husbandry. He obviously knew about these social activities when he tried valiantly to innoculate Texan teens against the genital warts virus.

Then there was the hilarious & unusually gentle in todays nasty climate – joke about his efforts to graduate .

But yes – coach is doin good. There is one famous Yell Leader out there for NCAAS.


I can’t tell if this is a drunken rant or a joke…


Coacherik – it went above your head. Whoosh. But there are no untruths there.


Accept for the A & T part, not quite sure which school you speak of. Oh and the class on animal husbandry (Beastiality)? Treating minors for STDs? Guess I must be out of the loop on A&M (not A&T) Swimming and Diving history? So many questions, so few coherent sentences from the man behind the initials…


Ok maybe I got my texas colleges mixed up with the Russians. I do know that no-one wanted to go where they were several years ago . Russian divers are notorious for being difficult. But you need to know a bit about Rick Perry- all of which I picked up during the Primary rounds. Rick was not a stellar student & one whose best result was a C in Animal Husbandry. An obvious Democrat college employee gladly leaked his records. He got a lot of Ds but he was very popular as a ‘yell leader ‘ & the townsfolk were sad that he eventually graduated -hence the joke which you must have missed. As Texas Gov, Perry tried to have… Read more »

Coach GB

Saw Steve and sat next to Todd Schmitz at the Golden Goggles last Mon. And had the same comment to both. I said the same thing to both of them about how when a couple of months ago when asked where I thought Missy Franklin or some others should go to college. My answer was always” Wester Kentucky or Texas A & M “. Steve and others have also done outstanding accomplishments. Swimmers who make real improvements in college. I understand the desire to be on a champion team or potential of it. But some of the others going to the usual school think they will have the magic wand pass over them. Many swimmers don’t really have an open… Read more »

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