Spartans Aquatic Club Downs Men’s 200 Meter Free Relay 17-18 NAG: 1:32.43

2021 Georgia LC Senior State Championships

  • July 22 – 25, 2021
  • UGA Gabrielsen Natatorium, Athens, GA
  • Long Course Meters (50 Meters)
  • Results on Meet Mobile: “2021 Georgia LC Senior State Championships”

Spartans Aquatic Club’s relay of Peter SaccaNathaniel Stoffle, Colton Mcgrady, and John Beamon broke the 200 free relay 17-18 National Age Group record on Friday at Georgia’s Gabrielsen Natatorium.

They finished with a time of 1:32.43 to destroy the previous record which was set by the Dayton Raiders during the 2017 NCSA Championships at 1:33.24. 


50 23.22 Sacca
100 23.03 Stoffle
150 23.02 Mcgrady
200 23.05 Beamon
Final Time 1:32.43

Sacca, Stoffle, and Beamon are all 18 years old and Mcgrady is 17 years old.

The Dayton Raiders’ 200 free relay team consisted of ASU’s Cody Bybee (23.23), Alabama’s Nicholas Perera (23.57), Ohio State’s Josef Pohlmann (23.01), and NC State’s Eric Knowles (23.43).

At the time, Perera and Pohlmann were 17 years old and Bybee and Knowles were 18 years old.

Georgia commit Mcgrady came the closest to matching Pohlmann’s 23.01, the fastest split on the 2017 relay.

Sacca, also a Georgia commit, led off the relay .11 faster than the Dayton Raiders’ lead-off split and handed it to Stoffle, an Auburn commit. Stoffle’s leg was the biggest difference between the Spartans relay and the previous record’s 2nd 50 split of 23.57.

Splits Comparison:

Spartans Aquatic Club (2021) Dayton Raiders (2017)
50 23.22 23.23
100 23.03 23.57
150 23.02 23.01
200 23.05 23.43
Final Time 1:32.43 1:33.24

Spartans Aquatic Club took down three short course yards National Age Group relay records within two days in March, and each one of these swimmers played a role. 

Sacca, Mcgrady, and Beamon broke the 400 free relay NAG with teammate Kamal Muhammad on Friday. 

The next morning, Stoffle, Beamon and Mcgrady took down the 200 free relay NAG with Muhammad. Stoffle and Saca then broke the 400 medley relay NAG with Muhammad and Preston Lin in finals. Together, the six of them now hold a total of five NAG relay records in the 17-18 age group.

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Chris Davis
1 year ago

Swim atlanta went faster than the old nag to, if anyone was wondering

Reply to  Chris Davis
1 year ago

Great to know! However, they didn’t break the NAG because they didn’t beat this team!

Grammar Police
Reply to  Chris Davis
1 year ago


1 year ago

They have a great future ahead of them.

Reply to  swimmer
1 year ago

Seems like you forgot about Bolles relay.

Murphy-gold medalist at olympics
Schooling-good medalist at olympics
Condorelli-4th at olympics

1 year ago

Greatest age group relay of all time??

1 year ago

That is four quality legs. Not just a single National teamer stud pulling the rest. What a good training group!

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