Spain’s Main Training Centers Located In Madrid And Barcelona Reopen

In light of a downsize in the number of new confirmed cases and deaths related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the two major High-Performance Centers were allowed to resume. The aquatics facilities have been allowed to reopen following a request issued by the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN), which has been approved by the Spanish Sports Council (CSD).

Both Madrid and Barcelona entered what is known as “Phase 0.5” this week, allowing for the reopening of some establishments, although gymnasiums are not allowed to reopen. Some of the nation’s major training facilities had already reopened Monday last week.

Phase 1 began May 11 for most of the country’s regions. Each phase will last 14 days, as that reflects the average incubation period for COVID-19.

The High-Performance Centers located in Madrid began welcoming athletes back on campus for training purposes while the residence halls and dining halls remain closed. Athletes must train in reduced groups for a maximum of two hours per day.

Swimming wise, Barcelona has been the only facility to witness aquatics athletes’ return, with swimming, artistic swimming (synchronized swimming) and women’s water polo in action.

Per Spain’s national broadcasterCorporación de Radio y Televisión Española (RTVE), Sant Cugat was expecting around 100 athletes on campus today, although that number wound up near 70.

Prior to entering campus, according to the report, athletes had their temperature taken and were screened for any possible sign of COVID-19 symptoms.

It is expected that throughout May athletes from around the country will be allowed to return to the training centers, leading to the reopening of the residence halls and dining facilities, although that will depend on the progress the nation makes in terms of new diagnosed cases and deaths.

We reported last week that as some of the regions in the nation made their move onto Phase 1 in the de-escalation process following a two-month-long confinement, the Spanish Sports Council launched a “Code of Conduct” Spanish athletes must adhere to.

A total of 23 National Governing Bodies, including the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation, joined the initiative.

Starting today, the government has reported the number of daily deaths and new cases as of midnight, whereas before that benchmark took place at noon. The nation has today reported a total of 59 deaths, which represents its lowest since March 11.

According to the website, Spain remains the third top nation in terms of total cases, accounting for 278,188. A total of 27,709 deaths and 196,958 recoveries have been reported.

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