9 Best Kickboards for Swimmers (Kick Faster)

Looking for the perfect kickboard for a faster kick and swimming? Here is your ultimate guide to the best kickboards in the pool.


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7 Best Earplugs for Swimming (Keep Water Out, Finally)

Frustrated with getting pool water in your ear when swimming? Here’s your ultimate guide to the best earplugs for swimmers.

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7 Best Prescription Swim Goggles for Clear Vision and Fast Swimming

Looking to swim without glasses and contacts? Here are the best prescription swimming goggles for clear vision in the pool.

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9 Best Bags for Swimmers (Pack for Success)

Store your swimming gear like a pro and go from poolside to podium with the best swim bags for every kind of swimmer and workout.

8 Best Open Water and Triathlon Swimming Goggles

Open water goggles protect eyes from the sun, help swimmers sight and train smart. Here’s a look at the best open water goggles for swimmers and triathletes.

12 Gift Ideas That Swimmers Will Love

Looking for a gift for the swimmer in your life? Here’s a look at the best gifts for every kind of swimmer and for every kind of budget.

5 Best Waterproof Headphones for Swim Training

Ready to take your favorite playlists and podcasts to the pool? Here are the best waterproof headphones for better swim workouts.

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8 Best Swim Snorkels for Better Technique and Faster Swimming

Swim snorkels are an excellent tool for improving technique and speed in the water. Here’s your ultimate guide to choosing the perfect swim snorkel.

9 Best Swim Paddles for Stronger and Faster Swimming

Swim paddles enhance technique and boost power and strength, leading to faster swimming. Here is your ultimate guide to the best swim paddles.

9 Best Swim Fins for a Stronger Kick and Faster Swimming

Looking for the perfect swimming fins for training? Here are the best swim fins for every kind of swimmer and swim workout.

7 Best Swim Goggles for Kids that are Comfortable and Don’t Leak

Whether splashing around or starting with a swim team, here’s the best kids swim goggles that don’t leak, are comfortable, and enhance swimming performance.

9 Best Swim Goggles for Every Kind of Swimmer

The right swim goggles are comfortable, don’t leak, and help you focus on swimming fast. Here’s a look at the best swim goggles for every kind of swimmer.

LIVEBARN Race of the Week: Kaii Winkler Hits 1:32.68 in 200 Free For New National HS Record

Kaii Winkler dropped a 1:32.68 at his last high school swim meet, breaking the 200 freestyle national high school record four months after wrist fractures.

LIVEBARN Race of the Week: Leon Marchand Resets 100 Butterfly ASU Record (44.66)

Leon Marchand broke the Sun Devil 100 butterfly program record at ASU’s dual against USC, marking the second time the record has been broken this season.

LIVEBARN Race of the Week: NC State Wins First 200 Medley National Title in NCAA Record

NC State honored their 2023 200 medley NCAA champions this week, so let’s flashback to that first event of the men’s 2023 NCAA Championships.