Sjostrom, Van Der Burgh Race To Overall 2017 Mare Nostrum Tour Titles

The 2017 Mare Nostrum Tour wrapped up last weekend, with the final stop in Canet wreaking havoc on the record books. Such was the case with the two previous stops of Monaco and Barcelona, where international swimmers took to the pool for additional racing tune-ups with the 2017 World Championships now less than 30 days away.

This year’s prize purse grew to 21000 €, split among the top 8 finishers on the entire tour, based on FINA points. The top man and woman each earned 7000 € for claiming overall their respective series titles. Additionally, the tour paid 750€ for each Mare Nostrum record broken in any of the three meets.

Per each event, stops paid 330 € for gold, 180 € for silver and 90 € for bronze, with an additional twist implemented for the speed events that took place in Monaco. For the 50m distances of all strokes, the field was narrowed down to 16, then 8, then 4, then the final 2 in rounds spanning the two days of each meet’s schedule. Those particular events paid out as follows: 600 € for gold, 300 € for silver,  75 €  for 3rd (semi-finalist) and 75 € for 4th (semi-finalist).

Women’s Winner

The absolutely unstoppable Swede, Sarah Sjostrom, took the overall women’s Mare Nostrum title, crushing huge swims on each and every stop. Not only did she claim gold throughout her 50m freestyle, 50m butterfly, 100m freestyle and 100m butterfly campaign, but she nailed meet records virtually every time she splashed into a final. Below is a recap of the Olympic champion’s eye-popping efforts, with a grid listing the top 8 women’s finishers:


  • 56.20 100 fly final, meet record
  • 52.60 100 free final, meet record
  • 23.95 50 free final, meet record
  • 24.90 50 fly final, meet record


  • 56.27 100 fly final, meet record
  • 52.28 100 free final, meet record
  • 23.96 50 free final, meet record
  • 24.76 50 fly final, meet record


  • 55.76 100 fly final, meet record
  • 52.08 100 free final, meet record, *985 FINA Pts
  • 23.85 50 free final, meet record
  • 24.95 50 fly final, meet record

Men’s Winner

Exemplifying how important FINA points are in terms of determing the overall Mare Nostrum tour winners, South Africa’s Cameron van der Burgh secured the title racing just 2 events over the course of the 3-stop affair. VDB won the men’s 50m breaststroke at each stop, highlighted by a super swift meet record of 26.99 in Monaco, and a 26.96 clocking in Barcelona. He opted out of the B-Final of the 100m breaststroke at the final stop in Canet, but previously touched in 7th in that race in Monaco with a modest 1:02.30, then claimed silver in 1:00.02 in Barcelona.

Below is a recap of VDB’s finishes with the men’s top 8 finishers beneath:


  • 1:02.30 100 breaststroke, 7th
  • 26.99 50 breaststroke, meet record


  • 1:00.02 100 breaststroke, 2nd
  • 26.96 50 breaststroke *941 FINA Pts


  • DNS 100 breaststroke B-Final
  • 27.07 50 breaststroke



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Who’s The Iron Lady now?


You know, I hardly see how it is a complement for a Lady to be called so utilitarian name. The next stage after “Iron” one will be inevitably “Rusty” or “Junk Yard” Lady.
“Golden” is much better precious name. I would think that Sarah Sjostrom prefers and most likely will earn this one that shines forever.

samuel huntington

Katinka is golden !


Honestly, Ledecky seems to be the Iron Lady now.


There is some story in the history of science: lapis philosophorum. The story full of drama and sometimes tragedy. Don’t tell me that you’ve found finally the legendary philosopher’s stone and can turn base metal as iron into gold. The failure awaits for you.




I know, it’s tough. Sorry. It needs some high school ap classes in chemistry and physics. If to put it in simple way: no tricks and metamorphosis will make from “iron” lady the GOLDEN one.


the women definitely outshined the men during the series.


Whatever changes Sarah made to her training and her schedule, it’s succeeding Bigly.

Cate Campbell (and maybe Bronte too) must be shaking her head and wondering if she can be the best anymore in the sprints.


If at Swedish Championships next week Sarah Sjostrom being at hard training (that what she said) goes under 52.5 then the answer on this question becomes obvious.


Cate was 53.0 in Canet (with the worst start ever), that’s an excellent time for an in-season swim! Oleksiak’s stroke did look a bit weird, but that’s just my point of view…

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