Simone Manuel: “I think I put too much pressure on myself” (Video)

Reported by James Sutherland.

Simone Manuel“I think that I was able to take a little bit of pressure off myself … I obviously have very high expectations on how I should perform, but in that 50 free I walked out on deck and had a better sense of calm and was more relaxed. I was happy with that swim, and pretty surprised with a 24.2 based on how I’ve been feeling in the water. I think with a little more rest I’ll definitely be able to go faster.”


  • American Record: Dara Torres, 24.07, 2009
  • U.S. Open Record: Cate Campbell, 24.13, 2008
  • LC National Meet Record: Dara Torres, 24.25, 2016
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 25.18
  1. Simone Manuel, STAN, 24.27
  2. Abbey Weitzeil, CAL, 24.74
  3. Lia Neal, STAN, 24.77

Simone Manuel executed a great 50 free tonight, winning by nearly half a second in 24.27 to move into #3 in the world. She adds a second individual event to her World Championship schedule after qualifying in the 100 on the first day.

In the tight battle for second, Abbey Weitzeil pulled through and got to the wall to get herself on the World Championship team. After a poor showing in the 100 by her standards, she came in at 24.74 to edge by Lia Neal(24.77), Kelsi Worrell (24.79) and Olivia Smoliga (24.84).

Seven of the eight finalists actually got under 25 seconds, with Mallory Comerford (24.93) and Madison Kennedy(24.95) doing it as well in 6th and 7th. Finishing 8th, Grace Ariola (25.03) becomes the 18 & under National Champion.

Katrina Konopka (25.16) and Anya Goeders (25.28) won the B and C-finals respectively.

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7 years ago

Simone will figure things out. So will Murphy. They are rising stars who grew into superstars with their star-spangled performances in Rio. So easy to root for these two. Best of luck to them.

Just sayin
Reply to  Pam
7 years ago

I’m sensing a motif of stars

7 years ago

It’s hard being on top and representing Team USA. I’m sure with a little more rest, she’ll rise once again to the occasion in Budapest.

Reply to  AvidSwimFan
7 years ago

Sjostrom hasn’t been joking around these past few weeks…

7 years ago

She really have a lot of pressure on her not only by herself but also from us swimming fans and media after her amazing and surprisingly prefomance at the olympics. She is definitely not the favorite to win in Budapest with Sjostrem so ahead from everyone in the world but simone showed us once already that she can surprise us and stand on top of the podium. I think 2 silvers medals individualy and 2 american records would be great accomplish for her. I will be rooting for you ?

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