Schubert and Havercroft lawsuits end in settlements

Two major legal battles within the sport of swimming have ended in settlements, the Orange County Register reports.

First is the wrongful termination lawsuit leveled at former National Team Head Coach and Golden West Swim Club CEO Mark Schubert.

The lawsuit was filed by former Golden West coach Dia Rianda, who claims she was fired by Schubert after complaining to USA Swimming about what she believed was inappropriate behavior by another coach, Bill Jewell. Schubert hired Jewell on at Golden West shortly after Jewell was fired from the Fullerton Aquatic Sports Team (FAST). USA Swimming was investigating Jewell for his actions at FAST when multiple Golden West coaches complained that his behavior had continued with his new club, according to the Orange County Register.

Jewell was ultimately suspended for 3 years by USA Swimming for making sexually explicit comments.

The second case in the Register’s report is the sexual abuse case between former swimmer Jancy Thompson and her former coach Norm Havercroft. Havercroft coached the West Valley Swim Team in San Jose, California, and Thompson claimed he molested her for a period of five years starting when she was 13, according to the Register.

Both cases were resolved in confidential, out-of-court settlements. You can read the OC Register report here.

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8 years ago

hulk swim fan i appreciate the sentiment but this is far to serious an issue to “smash” about. hulk swim i cannot agree more with you

Hulk Swim Fan
8 years ago


8 years ago

Wow. This is super disappointing. A 3 year ban on a dude who refers to young girls by nicknames corresponding to the size of their chests. So it’s technically speaking OK for this guy to coach again? What a mess… 🙁

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