SASCOC Once Again Under Fire As Athletes Compete In Poor Conditions

A recent social media post tweeted out by journalist Graeme Joffe has put the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) on notice, calling the group out as responsible for poor conditions related to athletes competing at the U-20 Youth Games in Botswana last week.

“For 2nd straight night, SA female swim team members at U-20 Youth Games in Botswana had to sleep on a floor with no pillows & no showers. #SASCOC & @SwimSouthAfrica should be ashamed! No funds? But SASCOC board members continue to get salaries in contravention of IOC charter!,” reads Joffe’s tweet, which is accompanied by salaries listed for the SASCOC members.

The salaries range from R$47,257 to R$331,014 for board members, which translates to $3300 USD to $23,000 USD. The Chief Executive Officer, GM High Performance and CEO, however, have an average salary of R$1,851,813 or just under $130,000 USD.

Joffe reported that the athletes arrived in Botswana after a 10-hour bus ride to find ‘no beds, no pillows and no shower, but also no toilet paper at their disposal.’ He also said “the Olympic Committee of SA (SASCOC) and Swimming SA wouldn’t put them up in a hotel or B&B for the two nights.” SA People contacted Swimming South Africa’s COO Dave Norman who told the news source that the competition was an SASCOC event and not a Swimming SA event.”

The SASCOC has a history of being involved with scandal. We reported back in August of 2017 how South Africa’s Sports Ministry had launched an inquiry the organization following malpractice allegations. The Committee was investigated on claims of ‘poor governance, financial mismanagement and non-adherence to the SASCOC constitution.’

The SASCOC CEO, Tubby Reddy, was ousted earlier this year as fallout from various charges, including sexual harassment.

The organization also has a history of appearing ‘cash strapped’, resulting in South African swimmers having to pay their own way to elite competitions. This is the case for the small roster competing in Hangzhou at the 2018 Short Course World Championships, who are racing on a ‘self-funded tour.’ The same applies to the 2017 World Junior Championships squad.

However, the SASCOC has received more funding from the South African National Lottery, R779 million since 2002, than any other single body. As an example of what’s been charged as extraordinary spending by board members, an estimated R2.2-million a year is spent on allowances for the board. Additionally, while attending international sporting events such as the Rio Olympics, board members were given allowances of R3,500 a day, with R2,400 a day going to members’ spouses. (Daily Maverick)

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