Ryan Murphy perfectly recaps Cal’s Night 1 of Georgia invite (Video)

Reported by Lauren Neidigh.


  1. Cal, 1:16.94
  2. Florida State, 1:17.33
  3. Auburn, 1:17.88

Cal outpaced the field in the men’s 200 free relay, winning the race in a quick 1:16.94. Freshman Michael Jensen was a key player for the Bears, swimming a blazing 19.01 on the 2nd leg. Senior Ryan Murphy was also 19-low with his 19.10 on the 2nd leg.

The Florida State men finished in 1:17.33 for 2nd place ahead of Auburn (1:17.88), with Chad Mylin posting an 18.86 on the 3rd leg for the fastest split of the field.


  1. Cal, 3:03.82
  2. Georgia, 3:04.84
  3. Auburn, 3:08.73

Olympic champ Ryan Murphy blasted a nation-leading 44.79 backstroke split to help the Cal men win the 400 medley relay. Connor Hoppe (51.93), Justin Lynch (45.36), and Michael Jensen followed for an overall time of 3:03.82. Jensen is shaping up to be a huge asset for Cal, as his 41.65 freestyle split was the fastest of the field. Interestingly, Andrew Seliskar was the fastest breaststroker tonight, turning in a 51.68 on the B-relay.

Georgia (3:04.94) also had a freshman step up, with Javier Acevedo anchoring for them in 41.92. Pace Clark swam a 45.27 on the butterfly leg, which was faster than anybody else in the field.

Fastest splits:

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7 years ago

This is the most fratty Murph interview I’ve ever seen hahahaha

7 years ago

is there any word on where Long Gutierrez has been this semester??

Reply to  Olsswim05
7 years ago

I’m purely guessing here, but I would assume he is focusing on school this semester by not competing. Similar to how Ryan didn’t show up until November (in competition).

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