Ryan Lochte and Fiancee Welcome Baby Boy Caiden Zane On June 8

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and his fiancee, model Kayla Rae Reid, welcomed their first child, a baby boy, in the early hours of Thursday, June 8th.

Lochte tweeted an announcement mid-morning, saying the boy’s name is Caiden Zane Lochte. He was born at 5:46 a.m. at 7 lbs 14 oz and 22 inches. Here’s Lochte’s announcement:

Back in December, Lochte announced the news that he’d be becoming a father in an underwater Instagram post that quickly went viral across swimming fandom.

Lochte is currently out of competition, serving a suspension that lasts until the end of this month. That’s after the gas station debacle in Rio de Janeiro in which Lochte and three other American swimmers got into trouble with Brazilian authorities after allegedly causing damage to a gas station bathroom. Lochte originally told media he was mugged at gunpoint, but later admitted he had exaggerated the story of security guards confronting the swimmers at the gas station.

His 10-month suspension expires on June 30, but will keep him out of U.S. Nationals and by proxy, the 2017 World Championships. (U.S. Nationals are serving as USA Swimming’s only selection meet for the World Champs). He did recently swim a pair of events at Masters Nationals, but otherwise hasn’t competed since the Rio Olympics.

Lochte and Reid are engaged to be married as of last October. Lochte’s story is now remarkably similar to that of fellow Olympic icon Michael Phelpswhose then-fiancee Nicole Johnson gave birth to a son, Boomer, about one year and one month ago.

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4 years ago

Caiden Zane Lochte, through Ryan’s instagram

Swimmer A
4 years ago

Wow! Congrats Ryan!!

4 years ago

A sign that he was born on World Oceans Day? Future Open Water Swimming Star!

Reply to  JM90
4 years ago

And at SeaWorld!

4 years ago

Goofy name alert!

Reply to  FuzzmanX
4 years ago

combo of all the ‘naughty kid’ names

Reply to  Susannah
4 years ago

Ppl over 45 live in fear of having a grandkid or other kid come into the family with such names .

4 years ago

Joint baby olympics with Boomer!

4 years ago

Reports are that he spoke immediately after birth. Eyewitnesses say that his first words were “In coming for you Boomer”

Scott Morgan
Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

And as reports confirm, the Baby’s linguistic abilities continued to outpace his father’s.

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago


bobo gigi
4 years ago

Caiden Zane didn’t want to miss Comey’s hearing.

Congrats to the parents.

Boomer looks forward to seeing Caiden Zane in the 200 IM final of 2036 olympic games.

Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

My guess is that neither will make the Olympics.

4 years ago

Lochte and Phelps are almost exactly a year apart. Lochte 2.0 and Phelps 2.0 are almost exactly a year apart…

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