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World champion and World record holder Regan Smith started the Olympic year with a bang at the Pro Swim in Knoxville, Tennessee, dropping a 58.2 in the 100 meters backstroke and 2:05.9 in the 200 meters backstroke.  Those were the best performances of the competition. Add to them her 2:08.7 200m fly and 57.86 100m fly, both silver medal efforts, and Regan is clearly in elite training rhythm to deliver in June at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Omaha.  Based on her January swims, I think she’s capable of breaking her own 100 meter backstroke world record (57.57) before the U.S. Olympic Trials.  That’s a tall order, but why not?  

Let’s play the prediction game.

After Regan’s 58.2 100m back in Knoxville, I’d love to see anything under a 58 flat in season, HOWEVER, I think she surprises us. Regan drops right at a 57.5, in season, in the 100m backstroke edging her own world record. 

But who cares what I think? What do you think?


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Will she need to full rest at OTs? She could be someone who doesn’t. Dressel probably does if he wants an individual swim in the 100 free.


Dressel doesn’t need to fully rest for 100 free.


Regan Smith unrested most likely will be just a tad under 58, remember at the councilman meet she went 58.45 than went 9 tenths faster at worlds… so unrested she will most likely baring any Catastrophes sure be a shoe in for both backstrokes, but if she keeps improving her fly up to any close level as her backstroke she could challenge for the gold in those as well


World records are extremely hard to get in-season. I don’t think Regan will do that. She could get close, though.
But her training focus right now seems to be the 200 free. Her best time in that event is a 1:58.

What will she be able to swim in Omaha? 1:55.7 for a relay spot.


1:55.7 for a relay spot is way too fast – I think 6th is going to be somewhere around 1:56 high or 1:57 low, but even then that would be a fast final.

Smith also has a shot at the 200 fly behind Flickinger. The semi final of the 2 Fly is the same night, but after the 2 Free final. She could easily go for both, and only has the 2 Back for the rest of the meet


We really don’t know who Regan Smith is. Just before WC she was a good swimmer, possible contender for the place on Olympic team. Possible.. And then boommmm!!! – 2:03. Twice! It was shocking. Still being with the 2019 mentality I would like to see her with 5 gold Olympic medals without risking that with extra three races in 200fly. But
this girl can be a monster. At least her 3sec drop in personal best smashing with that 7 years old outstanding world record looks monstrous.


Huh, not that I count for much, but I definitely saw her as far more than a “possible” Olympic team member prior to last summer. Wasn’t she generally considered the gold fav in the 2 back at Worlds last summer? Not that I saw her smashing the WR, but I think many expected she would win that race.


6th place will be around 156.7, and RS will not be that fast. People tend to overestimate how fast Trials will be, thinking that a majority of swimmers will do LTBs. It just doesn’t work out that way. Also, 156 mid is a really fast time for women’s 200 free and RS just hasn’t demonstrated anything close to that.


6th place was 1:57.65 at 2016 trial – it is getting faster but I think Mel is right that it maybe 1:57 low for 6th place this time.

will we really see the interesting coincident? 2012 4th place was 1:57.75 and that is close to 6th place in 2016… 4th place in 2016 was 1:56.72 and would that be roughly 6th place time??


Should RS swim 200FR during last WC I think we would see 1:57 flat if not better. At last meet she just repeated her pre-WC time not being for sure at peak form. The question is if she really wants to do so. No announcements were maid. On the other hand nothing was said about targeting world records at last WC. She is very reserved person.

Jim C

I think Cate Campbell in 2016 would be a good example of what you would not want..


If she swims the 800 free relay what about the 200 fly??? I hope she can handle both In one session


This January Regan Smith was pretty much at same shape she was last summer before World Championships. And I think she wasn’t tapered then. This last meet gave me actually no new messages about possible results at this Olympic season. People quickly forget how outstanding were her records. It could be same story as with Ledecky, who said immediately after Rio that her records are very tough. For her first of all.

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