Regan Smith Blasts Best Times In 100 Butterfly (56.26) And 200 Freestyle (1:57.23) In Irvine


Regan Smith swam to two best times on night 2 of competition in Irvine. First, Smith swam to a 1:57.23 in the 200 freestyle and then swam to a 56.26 in the 100 butterfly.

Her previous best time in the 200 freestyle was a 1:58.14 that she swam last March at the Pro Series stop in Fort Lauderdale. She now becomes the 5th fastest American woman in the event this year.

2023-2024 US Rankings- Women’s 200 FR LCM

  1. Katie Ledecky, 1:54.97
  2. Anna Peplowski, 1:56.99
  3. Paige Madden, 1:57.00
  4. Simone Manuel, 1:57.03
  5. Regan Smith, 1:57.23

Last summer, it took a 1:57.59 to qualify for a spot on the US women’s 4×200 freestyle relay. As far as the schedule of Olympic Trials goes, the 100 backstroke semifinal comes before the 200 freestyle final next month in Indianapolis. The potential scheduled conflict of the 4×200 freestyle relay in Paris is that the relay has prelims and finals on the same day as the 200 butterfly final. The 200 fly final comes about an hour and 20 minutes before the final of the 4×200 free relay while Smith would also swim in prelims of the 200 backstroke the same session as the 4×200 free relay prelims.

The 200 freestyle was not the only event Smith swam a best time in as she also touched in a 56.26 in the 100 butterfly. That was faster than her previous best time of a 56.36 that she swam in March 2024 at the Pro Series stop in Westmont. Smtih now ranks as the #3 American in the event this year and #5 in the World.

2023-2024 LCM Women 100 Fly

55.18 WR
View Top 31»

2023-2024 US Rankings- Women’s 100 Fly LCM

  1. Torri Huske, 55.68
  2. Gretchen Walsh, 56.14
  3. Regan Smith, 56.26
  4. Claire Curzan, 56.61
  5. Alex Shackell, 57.22

Ironically, the 100 butterfly final is at the start of the session on night 2 at US Olympic Trials. the 200 freestyle semifinal concludes the session on night 2 as well.

Smith was consistent throughout her race, swimming 21 strokes on the way down and 21 strokes coming home. She did not “spin” with a high stroke rate at the beginning of the race to ensure proper closing speed and used her wall well taking 11 dolphin kicks off of the turn.

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20 days ago

“Ironically, the 100 butterfly final is at the start of the session on night 2 at US Olympic Trials.” I don’t think you know what irony actually is.

20 days ago

Unless something goes horribly wrong, it’s pretty much a lock that Regan Smith will qualify for the 100 back, 200 back, and 200 fly Paris.

Will she try to get additional spots in the 100 fly and 800 free relay?

20 days ago

In my opinion she should swim the 100 fly instead of the 200, it’ll be less heavy on the schedule and will allow her to swim the 200 back more fresh

hin qaiyang
Reply to  Mike
20 days ago

But making it in the 100 fly is way harder, not to mention medaling.

Former swimmer
Reply to  Mike
20 days ago

You’re not wrong. Given the prelims-semis-finals and relay schedule a lighter load would be good for her. She’s in her prime and why not go in fresher.

Last edited 20 days ago by Former swimmer
20 days ago

I think she’s setting up for a big PB run at trials

Last edited 20 days ago by RealCrocker5040
Beginner Swimmer at 25
20 days ago

Forget the gold medal showdown with McGoatwon, she is unbeatable. Start hustling minor medals. ‘Rack’em rack’em up’ as the Joker would say. Qualify for the 100, 200 back, 100, 200 fly, and swim on 3 relays. Pull off a McKeon and become the most decorated female Olympic athlete in history. They could all be bronze for all that matters.

Last edited 20 days ago by Beginner Swimmer at 25
Steve Nolan
Reply to  Beginner Swimmer at 25
20 days ago

Never go full Katie Hoff.

Reply to  Beginner Swimmer at 25
20 days ago

I would love to ban the term “minor medal.”

Mr Piano
Reply to  Meow
20 days ago

It’s a horrible term for sure. As if getting second or third in the entire world is anything minor. It’s a massive achievement.

Reply to  Beginner Swimmer at 25
20 days ago

I love how you refer to “racking up minor medals” as a “McKeon” like McKeon didn’t win 4 golds in Tokyo lol

Former swimmer
Reply to  Beginner Swimmer at 25
20 days ago

Why do Aussie swim fans always have to come and crap all over Regan whenever she is mentioned. It’s so annoying and predictable at this point.

Reply to  Former swimmer
20 days ago

1. This doesn’t happen. Americans constantly do this to Australians and then claim it’s the other way around.

2. Beginner swimmer is literally American lol. Which helps prove point 1.

20 days ago

Maybe Chase Kalisz could teach Regan Smith how to swim breaststroke? Ditto, Katie Grimes.

Go Bucky
Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
20 days ago

Maybe you should teach them. Get out of the basement.

20 days ago

Does Regan Smith pull a “Regan”, swim the heats and semis of the W 100 FL only to scratch the final?

Regan Smith
2024 Olympic Team Trials
Day 3 – W 100 BK (heats/semis)
Day 4 – W 100 BK (final)
Day 5 – W 200 FL (heats/semis)
Day 6 – W 200 BK (heats/semis)
Day 6 – W 200 FL (final)
Day 7 – W 200 BK (final)

Sweet Sweet Peter Rosen
21 days ago

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Regan throw a 1:54 on the 800 free relay. She’s having a great year

Helk bengur
Reply to  Sweet Sweet Peter Rosen
20 days ago

I could see her doing a minimum of 1.55, no less

Reply to  Sweet Sweet Peter Rosen
20 days ago

The sub 1:55 rolling start splits in the W 4 x 200 FR-R are reserved for Erin Gemmell and Bella Sims.

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