RACE VIDEO: Katie Ledecky smashes national high school record with 1:42.38 200 free

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Do you have any other videos? (boys 200 and 500 free?)


She took a breath of each wall.


Yep. And sun yang does triple breaths off each wall. Some elite swimmers breathe efficiently enough that they and their coaches think that the benefits of getting more oxygen outweighs the detriment of taking a breath off the wall


Triple Every wall? Even when swimming the 200 and 400?


Here is a link to the 400 in London. The first turn is made around 4:10 in the video and you can see it pretty clearly.



Eagleswim is right on. Sun Yang is one glaring example. Jack Conger “double breathed” into and out of virtually every turn of his 4:13 500 FR at last year’s Metros. The idea that breathing into or out of turns is implicitly bad is one of those nonsensical notions that for some reason has been stamped into the methodology of coaching with little or no empirical support, set in stone even though there is clear evidence to the contrary at every elite level meet. It’s the same with bilateral breathing or even cadence or six beat kick. We have practically 30 years of video evidence to disprove many of these notions (six beat kick in particular) yet they persist. It’s like… Read more »

bobo gigi

Thanks for the videos and the interviews.

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