Practice + Pancakes: Hansson, Auboeck Highlight Loughborough University Workout

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SwimSwam traveled across the pond to England, where we did some filming at the renowned Loughborough University. At this Thursday AM practice, we saw world champions Louise Hansson and Felix Auboeck both suit up and work at race pace.

Loughborough Director of Swimming (and primary coach of Felix) Andi Manley had his group going some pace work. See below for both mid-D and distance sets:

Mid-Distance –

9×100 @ 1:40:
1 White/1 Purple
1 White/2 Purple
1 White/3 Purple

5×75 @ 1:20:
1 Clear/1 400 Race Pace
1 Clear/2 400 Race Pace

2×50 @ 1:00:
1 Clear/1 400 Race Pace

Distance –

200 Blue @ 3:00
150 Blue/Purple @ 2:20
100 Purple @ 1:40
1/2/3/3/2/1x 50 By Rd @ 60
1 @ 1/2 100 Time
Others Clear

Meanwhile, head coach Ian Hulme (primary coach of Louise’s group) had a race technique practice with Hansson, who came in later than the rest of the group. The Swedish swim star suited up and made use of Loughborough’s £1,000,000 camera system to fine-tune race-specific details.

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4 months ago

USA swimming should really invest in a camera system like that for the OTC. For years our version was just Russell Mark with a GoPro.

Tom Shields talked about being really excited to use something similar in Eindhoven. Then he asked some Aussie why they weren’t using it and they said they had it at their primary training site back home. We’re leaving tenths on the table.

Sunday Morning Grind
Reply to  oxyswim
4 months ago

We’re busy grinding

4 months ago

Holy Cow! Please hide this video from all those commentators that signal the demise of US swimming since we train “in the bathtub”. They’ll have an aneurism watching this!

Jacob Whittle 46.90 in Paris
Reply to  MarkB
4 months ago

I think it’s more the yards people think is not as beneficial, training and racing

Jacob Whittle 46.90 in Paris
4 months ago

The best Practice and Pancakes I’ve ever seen! Actual coaching as well instead of just reading stopwatch times!

Reply to  Jacob Whittle 46.90 in Paris
4 months ago

Totally agree. Have watched so many coaches at a high level mainly time repeats during practice vs actually coach athletes on how to keep improving. It’s one thing to write a great practice and another level of excellence to actually coach (not just time) the athlete through the practice.

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