WATCH: Dean Boxall Celebrate Ariarne Titmus’ World Record

At the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games, Australian swim coach Dean Boxall arguably became as famous as his swimmer Ariarne Titmus when she won an Olympic gold medal in the 400 free, beating American superstar Katie Ledecky.

Boxall’s celebration in the stands, which included infamous hip thrusts and various gyrations against a railing, went viral around the world with opinions ranging from those who loved it to those who abhorred it.

This week in South Australia at the Australian National Championships then, cameras were fixated on Boxall as Titmus swam the 400 free again.

His celebration was wild. With the freedom to roam the entire side of the pool deck, Boxall chased his swimmer up and down the pool, almost obliterating an official, urging his swimmer on to the finish.

While still carrying the same intensity and animation, Boxall seemed to have less of a pressure release at the finish when he realized his swimmer had broken the record. He was still excited and intense and emotional, but it did feel more under control than last summer in Tokyo.

After last year’s Olympic celebration, Titmus shrugged off the criticism lobbed at her coach.

“That’s just the way Dean is,” she explained. “He’s very passionate about what he does – he really becomes quite animated,” she said at the time.

“This is just as much for him as it is for me,” she said. “He has sacrificed a lot in his family life, his kids and his wife, for his job. He puts 100% into being a swimming coach. I would not be here without him.”

Watch Boxall’s Celebration after the 400 free Gold Medal in Tokyo

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1 month ago

I read this in a recent interview with him…..

“Some people think it’s a job. It’s not a job. A job is you get up and you go, ‘oh I have Mondayitis’. I don’t have Mondayitis, I actually look forward to coming in and seeing the guys, being around them.

I think they’re a great group. I believe in them. They believe in me.”

Sounds like a great leader.

Hooked on Chlorine
1 month ago

Why aren’t the orderlies keeping all of these fanatical downvoters out of the rec room? It’s medication time!

1 month ago

2021: rated R
2022: rated PG-13

1 month ago

Dean gets the job done regardless of what you think of his antics 🇦🇺🦘🇦🇺

Reply to  Gheko
1 month ago

He has similar passion and energy as Lawrie Lawrence rip who actually slapped someone nearby after Duncan Amtrong won, beating Anders Holmertz and Biondi.

Lawrie Lawrence coached two underated swimmers who beat world record holders and world champions, Gross and Biondi, in two Olympics

Reply to  Swimswamswum
1 month ago

And that’s a positive? I suppose you feel he ought to get with it and add slapping people to his antics. Disagree that he gets the job done regardless. Could name many swimmers, elite and non-elite, who have not thrived in his system, don’t want to embarrass them by listing names.

1 month ago

His passion is genuine and nothing but good for the sport of swimming.

That passion almost certainly translates to his swimmers… which is a good thing for those of you keeping track at home!

The unoriginal Tim
1 month ago

He really is a special one isn’t he.

Reply to  The unoriginal Tim
1 month ago

He is, I don’t understand the hate, imagine having someone like that in your corner, just WOW!!!!

Reply to  Robbos
1 month ago

I’d love to have a coach that passionate

Boxall's Railing
1 month ago

For some of us, the first video is quite traumatic and triggers PTSD.

I’m in favor of the policy change at this meet that allows men like him to roam the deck openly, without my kind in the way.

Reply to  Boxall's Railing
1 month ago

I’ve seen you make similar comments in below other articles too. Quit this sarcastic trolling. This is not Twitter

Boxall's Railing
Reply to  KGL Fan
1 month ago

Oh, thank you for informing everyone you’ve seen multiple comments.

Nope, will continue. Was told comments were for fun. Not familiar with Twitter behavior.

1 month ago

hes got so much needed excitement from coaches that I love to see. over the top? sure… but love it. lol

also that WR really started to catch her! that was intense. I for one am excited she is at this level now, great rivalry in the making.

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